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South Anticipates Strong Running Attack

Zebs Hit Hard Again; North Dons Pads Today By DOYLE MAY EDMOND — The South footlx forces moved head of their Northern adversies Monday _ )y the practice timetable, at let. ed their irges through a South coaches hustl lard-hitting scrimmage Mond fternoon while lie Yankees again went thr . a "dummy" Trill as coaches sought to e ish an offense. "We're trying to avoid earl:(ntact that might produce some injuries," reptd Jim Wills of Skiatook, who teams with ry Lattimore of Sallisaw and Buddy Murrell herokee to coach st time Tuesday the North. "We'll hit for thr afternoon." f Lindsay, Rene South coaches Joe Tunn) ke felt their squad Huckaba of Yukon and Phil "accomplished a lot, especially on defense" during the scrimmage at Central State College where every All-State team is housed. Tunnell said the South has no injuries thus far. The North has reported no injuries either. Striking from an I formation with some winged-T plays, the Rebel running game was more effective than the aerial attack Monday. "I'm afraid we're not going to be a passing team," said Dalke, -but with the linemen and big backs that we've got, we should have a strong ground attack." Tunnell and Dalke agreed that Clinton's James Williams, everybody's back-of-the-year last fall, "ran very well." Dalke said Lindsay halfback Steve Dodd (6-3, 195) also looked good. Williams (6-2, 203 ) sparked Clinton to the Class A championship last year by rushing for an incredible 2,079 yards. Lee Wayne Wood (5-11, 185) of Ardmore emerged as the No. 1 quarterback. "We used Wood more than the other two quarterbacks (Lester Cavins of Poteau and Mike Secrest of Wewoka) because we feel he's ahead right now.'' Wood, a fine thrower, earned All-State honors because of his linebacking ability after an early-season injury forced him to switch to halfback for coach Tip Jacobson. Dalke said McAlester's Walter Rhone (6-0, 155) was the best of the South receivers Monday. -It was a typical first scrimmage," remarked Tunnell, whose Lindsay team reached the state Class A semifinals the past two years. "Naturally, the defense was ahead of the offense. We tried a lot of passes, but weren't too successful. However, Wood can throw the ball straight and far." Tunnell said Ray Hamilton, a 200-pound middle guard from Douglass, was the best defensive player on the field. He praised the offensive tackle play of 220-pound Jay Cruse of Lindsay and 30-pound Anthony Gaeddart of Capitol Hill. "lat little fellow from Midwest City ,-, (160- pou vinnn l had a good day," Tun "is Jo west's Class AAA runners-up, is being used at offensive center and defensive guard. He's up to 270, one of his coaches said. "I think we looked pretty good for only our fourth workout. Everyone has a great attitude. They came to play. We've had some good practices," Tunnell concluded. Over the hill at the North camp, coach Wills said the Yankees "have a lot of good players. I'm impressed by the mannerly way in which these young men conduct themselves. I guess that comes from being good athletes. We haven't done er----L the field to rank any players yet.- he 011 4 ;.„ 7:777.7,7777.7 • u-) th defensive coach Rene Huckaba of Yukon 3.'4. the Rebel defenders through a hard-hitting •:7 drill during preparations for the North-South all- star game. Staff photo by Ed Sokolosky Injuries Clear Up Huckaba's Defenders Primed By AL ESCHBACH EDMOND — Things have started to fall into place for the South's defensive ,unit and no one is happier than Rene Huckaba. Huckaba, head coach at Yukon who is handling the Rebels defense as they get ready for their August football clash with the North All-Stars at Taft Stadium, thinks his forces are just about ready for anything the Yanks throw at him. "Things are really starting to look good. This morning we had the best reading drill yet," gleamed Huckaba after the afternoon practice session was completed. When Huckaba talks about his defense, one of the first names he brings up is tackle Ray Hamilton, known by his teammates as "Sugar Bear." The Douglass product, who is heading for the University of Oklahoma this fall, has drawn nothing but praise from Huckaba. "He's going to be a good one," said Huckaba. Not only does he have the size, but he has terrific speed. "He's been running with the halfbacks here." Huckaba also singled out the play of Ada's • Gary Rhynes, who had been moved from offensive end to linebacker. "He looked sharp out there," chirped Huckaba. Over on the South's offensive side, it continued to work on its passing and kick-_ ing game with no heavy contact in sight until Monday. "Our injury situation is quite a bit better now," said coach Joe Tunnell. "Steve Dodd (Lindsay) returned today running at halfback. He's at about 50 per cent effectiveness. "Walter Rhone (McAlester) was back at wingback and looked good, and Don Rinkle (U.S. Grant) returned at fullback." James Williams of Clinton, the No. 1 fullback who missed practice Wednesday due to a funeral, was back with the squad. Northwest's John Carter, who had pulled a muscle earlier in the week, is expected to workout Friday. Carter was in a sweat suit Thursday and did some centering for the offense. "Our passing game is coming along better," Tunnell said. "We are getting acquainted with the patterns and are running them a lot more smoothly. " Lee Wayne Wood of Ardmore continued to hold down the first team berth. The North continued to hit more than the South as they started to fit players into various positions. The quarterback battle has been cut to two players. The starter should come from either Rod Warner of Stillwater or Steve Williams of Collinsville. Larry Roach of Watonga has been moved over to defense. The Yank had two casualties on the sidelines with minor injuries. Wingback Tom Zackery of Tulsa Washington and Gordon Williams of Enid did not participate in the contact. South basketball coaches Don M.etheny of U.S. Grant and Horace Neaves of Ardmore continued to speculate. on how their tremendous height is going to work as somewhat of a disadvantage. Most of the height talk is centered around 6-11 Norm Russell of Mountain View and 6-10 Steve Mitchell of Northwest. In the practice sessions, South coaches have decided not to use Russell and Mitchell on the same team. "In the game we will try to use them together as much as possible." Offense Right End - Mike Struck, Clinton; John Allen, Vel-na-Alma Right Tackle - Anthony Gaeddert, Capitol Hill Right Guard - Mike Jennings, El Reno Center - Dwight Young, Norman Left ,Guard - Jerry Beaty, Yukon Left Tackle - Jay Cruise, Lindsay Left End - Mark Grimes, Northwest Quarterback - Lee Wayne Wood, Ard- more; Lester Cavins, Poteau; Mike Sec- re st, Wewoka Left Half - Steve Dodd, Lindsay; Ted Jackson, Weleetka Right Half - Rayford Clark, Hugo; Walter Rhone, McAlester Fullback - James Williams, Clinton; Jerry Johnson, Hobart; Don Rinkle, Grant. Defense Left Guard-John Carter, Northwest Left Tackle—Tom Speed, Lawton Riaht Guard-Ray Hamilton, Douglass Right Tackle-Dan Reed, Minco Left Linebacker - Jack Walker, Tuttle, Rich Carney, McAlester Middle Linebacker - Tom McElheny, Wewoka Right Linebacker-Gary Rhynes, Ada Monster-Jerry Johnson, Hobart; Mike Struck, Clinton Cornerback - Gerald Clow, Midwest City Halfback - John Pinion, Putnam City; Aike Secrest, Wewoka Safety-Ted Jackson, Weleetka • • • • • • • .•-•-•-•-• • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • This Week In Sports All-State Teams Set Arrival By PHIL FORD Asst. Sports Editor Oklahoma's annual high school ail-state games nudge into the city sports scene this week when the North and South football teams check in for workouts. The all-state games themselves are still a good bit into the future. The annual coaching clinic doesn't open until Aug. 3, and the games open Aug. 5 with the North-South baseball tiff. Basketball and football occupy the following two nights. The North and South coaches check into the Oklahoma Hotel Friday to sketch their early plans, then greet the teams Saturday. All the athletes will be housed at Central State, where all workouts will be . Coaches for the North this year are Perry Lattimore of Sallisaw, Jim Wills of Skiatok and Buddy Murrell of Cherokee. For the South its Joe Tunnell of Lindsay, Rene Huckaba of Yukon and Phil Dalke of Hobart. The South has lost one of its top offensive hands, quarterback Stan Templeton of Weatherford, who signed a professional baseball contract with the St. Louis Cardinals. In his place will be Mike Se-crest, a 180-pounder from We- woka. The opening football workouts will be at 6 p.m. Saturday at Central. Only a light drill is scheduled Sunday, and the gridders plunge into twoa-days Monday. It's a light week around the state in sports, but there's more: Auto Racing — The Fairgrounds Speedway will be the site of the annual Mar-Car Nationals Sunday night, featur- NORTH Ends — Steve Fry, Blackwell; Roger Hilton, Beaver; Mike McLaughlin, Cherokee; Allen Totten, Chandler; John Nelson, Skiatook. _ , Harris, Tulsa Central; John Markert, Stroud; Ron Revard, Tulsa Kelley; Bob Stinnett, Chelsea; Hugh Vertrees, Sperry. Guards—Duke Atterberry, Pawhuska; Mike Eddy, Tulsa Hole; Bill McComas, Guthrie. Centers—Don Senter, Tulsa Washington; Rick Pasque, Tulsa Memorial. Quarterbacks—Larry Roach, Watonga; Doug Tarrant, Jet; Rod Warner, Stillwater; Steve Williams, Collinsville. Halfbacks — Dick Coates, Ponca City; David Gleason, Choctaw; Robert Walton, Dewey; Gordon Williams, Enid; Thomas Zackery, Tulsa Washington. Fullbacks—Paul Hudson, Hominy; Bill Orendorff; Sallisaw, Dusty Martin, Checotah; Mike Spicer; Grove; Tommy Woods, Tulsa Hale. Coaches—Perry Lattimore, Sallisaw (offense); Jim Wills, Skiatook (defense); Buddy Murrell, Cherokee (specialists.) SOUTH Ends—John Allen, Velma-Alma; Mark Grimes, Northwest; Mike Struck, Clinton; Gary Rhynes, Ada. ,Tackles—John Carter, Northwest; Jay Cruse, Lindsay; Jerry Beaty, Yukon; AnthonyGaeddart, Capitol Hill; Danny Reed, Minco; Tom Speed, Lawton; Dwight Young, Norman. Guards—Chuck Gates, Carl Albert; Raymond Hamilton, Douglass; Mike Jennings, El Reno; James Pink, Hartshorne; Centers—Richard Carney, McAlester; Tom McElheny, Wewoka; John Walker, Tuttle. Quarterbacks—Lester Cavins, Poteau; Mike Secrest, Wesoka; Lee Wayne Wood, Ardmore. "int gsarKS — Steve Dodd, Lindsay; All State Side MEMBERS OF THE SOUTH ALL-STATE FOOTBALL TEAM await the start of last Thursday night's contest at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City. From left-to-right are Lee Wayne Wood, Ardmore; Jerry Beaty, Yukon; Mike Jennings, El Reno; Dwight Young, Norman and Tony Gaeddert of Oklahoma City Capitol Hill. INSIDE THIS SECTION Business News oil THE SUNDAY OKLAHOMAN July 27, 1969 1 Football All-Staters Report, Open Drills Pofeau quarterback Lester Cavins checks info All-State football camp in Edmond. (Staff Photo by Bob Albright) By Wally Wallis Staff Writer EDMOND — The 1969 Oklahoma football season is now officially under way. All-Staters assembled Saturday at Central State College and immediately opened practice for the 32nd annual North-South football classic to be played August 7 in Oklahoma City's Taft Stadium. The North got the jump on the South by checking in with coaches Perry Lattimore of Sallisaw, Jim Wills of Skiatook and Buddy Murrell of Cherokee Saturday in time for a morning squad meeting. Before the meeting broke up, South coaches Joe Tunnell of Lindsay, Rene Huckaba of Yukon and Phil Dalke of Hobart were welcoming early arrivals on their team. All players on both squads were present or ac counted for by the time the two squads took to practice fields for mid-afternoon drills in shorts. Officials of the sponsoring Oklahoma Coaches Association were on hand to assist with such details as checking players into air conditioned rooms at East Hall, inspecting the chow line at the cafeteria, and arranging practice facili- TV-Radio Log BASEBALL San Francisco at St. Louis, KNOR radio (1400) and KJEM-FM (102.7), 1:15 p.m. GOLF American Classic from Akron, Ohio, (final round), KWTV, Channel 9, 3:30 p.m. TRACK International AAU meet from Malmo, Swede n, KWTV, Channel 9, 2 p.m. ties and schedules. In the official group were president Bill Grove of Del City, vice-president Jerry Potter of Putnam City, board member Jim Harris of Carl Albert in Midwest City, and secretary Bob "Peewee" Williams of Shawnee. Max Combrink of • Cushing and Darrell Ritchie of Cleveland are the dormitory counselors for the two squads. Here is the schedule for the footballers beginning Sunday: 6:45-breakfast. 8: 00—morning practice. 12: 00—lunch. 3:00—afternoon practice. 5: 30-6: 30—dinner. 10: 30—lights out. Both squads will work twice Sunday in shorts but the pads will be pulled on Monday as the hitting and head-butting begins. The North offense, di- (Continued on Page 4, Column 1) South Anticipates Strong Running Attack Rebs Hit Hard Again; North Dons PadsToday By DOYLE MAY EDMOND — The South football forces moved ahead of their Northern adversaries Monday —by the practice timetable, at least. South coaches hustled their charges through a hard-hitting scrimmage Monday afternoon while the Yankees again went through a "dummy" drill as coaches sought to establish an offense. "We're trying to avoid early contact that might produce some injuries," reported Jim Wills of Skiatook, who teams with Perry Lattimore of Sallisaw and Buddy Murrell of Cherokee to coach the North. "We'll hit for the first time Tuesday afternoon." South coaches Joe Tunnell of Lindsay, Rene Huckaba of Yukon and Phil Dalke felt their squad "accomplished a lot, especially on defense" during the scrimmage at Central State College where every All-State team is housed. Tunnell said the South has no injuries thus far. The North has reported no injuries either. Striking from an I formation with some winged-T plays, the Rebel running game was more effective than the aerial attack Monday. "I'm afraid we're not going to be a passing team,- said Dalke, "but with the linemen and big backs that we've got, we should have a strong ground attack.- Tunnell and Dalke agreed that Clinton's James Williams, everybody's back-of-the-year last fall, "ran very well." Dalke said Lindsay halfback Steve Dodd (6-3, 195) also looked good. Williams (6-2, 203) sparked Clinton to the Class A championship last year by rushing for an incredible 2.079 yards. Lee Wayne Wood (5-11, 185) of Ardmore emerged as the No. 1 quarterback. "We used Wood more than the other two quarterbacks (Leste? Cavins Poteau and Mike Secrest of Wewoka ) because we feel he's ahead right now.- Wood, a fine thrower, earned All-State honors because of his linebacking ability after an early-season injury forced him to switch to halfback for coach Tip Jacobson. Dalke said McAlester's Walter Rhone (6-0, 155) was the best of the South receivers Monday. "It was a typical first scrimmage," remarked Tunnell, whose Lindsay team reached the state Class A semifinals the past two years. "Naturally, the defense was ahead of the offense. We tried a lot of passes, but weren't too successful. However. Wood can throw the ball straight and far . " Tunnell said Ray Hamilton, a 200-pound middle guard from Douglass, was the best defensive player on the field. He praised the offensive tackle play of 220-pound Jay Cruse of Lindsay and 230-pound Anthony Gaeddart of Capitol Hill. "That little fellow from Midwest City (160-pound monsterman Gerald Klopp) had a good day," Tunnell added. Dalke said Hugo's Rayford Clark (6-1, 201) "is a big, fast back." John Carter, the jack-of-all-trades from North- west's Class AAA runners-up, is being used at offensive center and defensive guard. He's up to 270, one of his coaches said. "I think we looked pretty good for only our fourth workout. Everyone has a great attitude. They came to play. We've had some good practices,- Tunnell concluded. 1 Over the hill at the North camp, coach Wills said the Yankees "have a lot of good players. I'm impressed by the mannerly way in which these young men conduct themselves. I guess that comes from being good athletes. We haven't done enough on the field to rank any players yet,- he said. Both squads drill Tuesday at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. The All-State game is scheduled Aug. 7 at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City. South defensive coach Rene Huckaba of Yukon puts the Rebel defenders through a hard-hitting drill during preparations for the North-South all- star game. Staff photo by Ed Sokolosky 2 a Grant's Meredith Coach of the Year Carter, Gleason Top All-City Unit for 286 yards, while operating at halfback, flanker, split and tight end and any where there was a need. But it was defensively where most of the Class AAA and Class AA coaches in the city-area gave Car ter his recognition, where he operated at tack- By Henry Hawkins Class AAA r u,n ner up Northwest dominates the 1968 All-City football team picked by The Oklahoma City Times. The Knights, who went through the regular season with a perfect 10-0 mark before falling to Tulsa Washington, 33-14, in the Class AAA state finals had four players on the first team — expanded to 15 this year to recognize outstanding defensive specialists — with Midwest City being the only other team to place three players on both the first and second unit. Northwest's John Carter, Choctaw's David Gleason and U. S. Grant coach Harold Meredith rate top accolades as line ma n, back and coach of the year, respectively. Carter, probably the most versatile player in the state, started — at one time or another — at eight different positions, and almost got a shot at quarterback. Offensively the 6-1, 245-pound senior scored 10 touchdowns, rushed 58 times for 223 yards, completed four of five passes for 92 yards and one touchdown and caught 24 passes 32 Thursday, Dec. 19, 1968 • • le, linebacker, nose guard and again where the action was. Carter recovered four fumbles and caused general havoc for oncoming rushers and would-be passers with his greatest assets being his speed and lateral movement. Running a distant second for lineman honors were Classen's massive nose guard, Urban Gordon, lineman of the year in the Capital Conference and Midwest City middle linebacker Gerald Clopp. Gleason carried the ball 225 times as Choctaw, playing an independent schedule, rolled to a 9-1 record and a second place finish in the Metropolitan Conference. The 6-1, 185-pound senior tailback gained 1,568 yards and scored 25 touchdowns, tops in the city-area. Also in his path were several school records which fell and when Choctaw didn't have the ball, Gleason did some patrolling from a defensive halfback spot. As a junior, Gleason carried the ball 195 times for 992 yards. Also added to his total this year is eight punt returns for 245 yards including touchdowns of 74 and 45 yards; 15 kickoff returns for 459 yards and a 90-yard touchdown; 10 receptions for 22 yards and three of five passes thrown for 53 yards and one touchdown. Gleason's top competition came from Metro counterpart Jay Conley, a bullish 200-pound senior, who scored 11 touchdowns and averaged 124 yards rushing per game, for Metro champ Edmond. For Meredith, it was the second time he has earned top coaching honors. The first time in 1959 at Northeast and this time as t h e Generals surprised most people and scared plenty of others en route to a fifth place finish in the Mid-State and a 6-4 overall record. But more than that, it was the first winning season for the Generals since (Continued on Page 33) All-City Team FIRST TEAM Pos Player, School Wt. Class E Bob Womble, John Marshall 170 Sr. E Mark Grimes, Northeast 215 Sr. T John Carter, Northwest 245 Sr. T Anthony Gaeddart, Capitol Hill 205 Sr. G Raymond Hamilton, Douglass 205 Sr. G Urban Gordon, Classen 300 Sr. C Jack Kapella, Midwest City 175 Sr. QB Paul Rosenberg, Northwest 170 Sr. HB Jay Conley, Edmond 185 Sr. HB David Gleason, Choctaw 185 Sr. FB Don Rinkle, U. S. Grant 180 Sr. LB Gerald Clopp, Midwest City 160 Sr. LB Marc Funk, Northwest 180 Sr. LB John Pinion, Putnam City 180 Sr. S Stanley Griffin, Northeast 175 Sr. SECOND TEAM E Albert Chandler, Douglass 215 Sr. E Steve Pherigo, Putnam City 190 Sr. T Tom McGarry, U. S. Grant 205 Sr. T Steve Yandell, Edmond 190 Sr. G Earl Talley, Northeast 180 Sr. G Don Kanaly, McGuinness 181 Sr. C Ken Praytor, U. S. Grant 205 Sr. QB Johnny Brandon, Midwest City 170 Sr. HB Jimmy Edwards, Classen 160 Jr. HB Randolph Barnes, Star-Spencer 135 Sr. FB Steve Jarnigan, Southeast 180 Sr. Mark Grimes Northwest Anthony Gaeddart Capitol Hill Raymond Hamilton Douglass Urban Gordon Classen Shegog Late, Loses Spot Continued from page 10 Back on the outside, Tunnell was having his problems, too, as the Rebs, solid favorites like their basketball counterparts, geared for the Aug. 7 football clash in Taft Stadium. James Williams, the Clinton scatback who was everybody's choice as Back of the Year, came up hobbling —with a busted shoe. One of his size 14s was discovered to have a split sole and the search immediately went out for a new or, at least, better pair. Tunnell did report three "real" injuries, all of which should be healed by game time. Monstrous defensive end John Carter, who now tips the scales at a lumpy 270, is slowed by a charley horse, while running back Steve Dodd of Lindsay has a pulled leg muscle and Hobart defender Jerry Johnson has a pulled back muscle. Tunnell's list of pros- pective starters includes the three injured players, plus a host of others that reads, oddly enough, like an all-star roster. Quarterback duties will be handled by Lee Wayne Wood, a halfback-linebacker from Ardmore. Wood, a quarterback his junior season and part of his senior year, is running ahead of Wewoka's Mike Secrest and Poteau's Lester Cavins. Williams, Dodd and Ray-ford Clark of Hugo hold forth in the backfield, though speedy Ted Jackson of Weleetka has looked good. At end, Tunnell tabbed Mark Grimes of Northwest and either John Allen of Velma-Alma or Gary Rhynes of Ada. Anchoring the offensive line is center Dwight Young of Norman, flanked by guards Tony Gaeddert (who had "an outstanding day" according to Tunnell) of Capitol Hill and Lindsay's Jay Cruse and tackles Mike Jennings of El Reno and Jerry Beaty of Yukon. On defense he has Carter and Mike Struck of Clinton at ends and Roy Hamilton of Douglass and Tom Speed of Lawton at tackle. Leading linebackers are Johnson, Gerald Clopp of Midwest City, Jack Walker of Tuttle, Rick Carney of McAlester and Danny Reed of Minco. Linebacker Joe Dean Shegog of Lawton finally showed up, but found his slot already filled by John Pinion, an alternate from Putnam City. Shegog had been missing since Sunday's initial workout. "He understands," said Tunnell, "that we had to have someone who was working out everyday. It's too bad, because he's a great kid." Shegog, who planned to return to Lawton Wednesday, said simply, "I'm very disappointed." He cited job committments as the reason for his tardiness. TO: SOUTH ALL STATE FOOTBALL TEAM Dear All Staters: We are in the process of gathering information in regard to the ut,coming North-South Football Game. Enclosed you will find an Information Sheet that we will need to begin our organizational plans. Be exact on your ring size. If possible, have a jeweler measure your finger so you will get a good fit. We will be working out in preparation for the game on the campus of Central State College. They will have excellent facilities available to us, including air conditioned rooms in the dormitory. Naturally, since we will be guests on the campus, you will be expected to show respect for their property and you will be sent home if proper respect is not shown. Reporting date is July 26, at 2:00 P. M. at West Hall. Since you are a representative group of the finest athletes in Oklahoma, you will be expected to report ON TIME and with a neat haircut and clean shaven. You are required to have a physical examination within the 30 day period precedifig July 26. Bring a written statement signed by your physician, dated, and confirming examination, and giving you permission to participate in the All State activities. You will be required to bring all football equipment, including mouthpiece. The only equipment furnished by the coaches association is the game pant and jersey. It is necessary to bring the following practice gear: helmet, all pads, socks, supporters, shoes, game shoes; if desired, practice pants, practice jerseys and mouthpieces. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ALL STAR GAME, PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF THE COACHES LISTED BELOW. Additional information concerning the All Star Game will be sent you throughout the summer. Any questions you may have please feel free to contact any one of the following coaches: Joe Tunnell Rene Huckaba Phil Dalke Lindsay High School Yukon High School Hobart High School 1968 South ALL-STATE E John Allen, Velma-Alma E Mark Grimes, Northwest E Mike Struck, Clinton E Gary Rhynes, Ada T-HB John Carter, Northwest T Jay Cruse, Lindsay T Anthony Gaeddart4 Capitol Hill T-FB Danny Reed, Minc o T-C Dwight Young, Norman E Raymond Hamilton, Douglass James Pink, Hartshorne C Richard Carney, McAlester C Tort McElheny, Wewoka C John Walker, Tuttle QB Lester Cavins, Poteau QB Stan Templeton, Weatherford QB Lee Wayne Wood, Ardmore HB Steve Dodd, Lindsay HB Rayford Clark, Hugo HB-LB Gerald Clopyl, Midwest City HB Walter Rhone, McAlester FB Ted Jackson, Weleetka FB Jerry Johnson, Hobart FB Joe Shegog, Lawton FB James Williams, Clinton Atlernates Jerry Beaty, Yukon Chuck Gale, Carl Albert Tom Speed, Lawton Mike Jennings, El Reno Ford Farris, Hobart rvivLa VC I 14 rWU I DALLC1‘3, %in) 11 All-Staters Scatter Like Leaves By Lee Streetman EDMOND—Variety will be the word when the 80 football and basketball All-Staters pack their bags and head for college this fall. Last year's high school standouts will hit the road to colleges and universities in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Nevada, Louisiana and Indiana, and to virtually all of the colleges and universities in Oklahoma. Twenty-five of the footballers are heading to the campuses of state rivals Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma. Floyd Gass will see 14 of the group and has given Here's Where They'll Go scholarships to 12 of them. Chuck Fairbanks is gaining 11 prepsters, 10 of whom will -be on scholarship. Gass may be getting the best deal from the crop of All-Staters. He has landed last season's back and lineman of the year for his freshman team. Clinton fullback James Williams and Northwest tackle-halfback John Carter will both be in Stillwater when the fall rolls around. But don't sell the Sooners short! They've gained such notables as Raymond Hamilton of Douglass, Gerald Clopp of Midwest City, Clinton's Mike Struck and Lindsay's Steve Dodd. Northeastern A&M picked up five high schoolers while Big Eight Conference member Kansas State reached into Oklahoma and pulled out four all-staters. Central Missouri State and Southwestern State College also grabbed themselves a few stars, taking three apiece. The basketballers are also going to a variety of schools. Oklahoma City University signed up Mountain View 's Norm Russell. The 6-11 All-Stater had a 29.4 average last season. East Central corralled the largest amount of bas ketball stars, Eldon Griffin from McLish, Shelby Morgan from Latta and Mark Stringfield from Strother. Central State, host school for the North-South football a n d basketball workouts, also landed two top-notch performers in Donnie and Ronnie McMullen of Tulsa Central. The 6-6 McMullen twins had point averages of 19.1 a n d 15.9, respectively, while helping lead their school to the AAA championship. Basketballers going out-of-state to college include Clay Hoster of U. S. Grant, who is going to the University of Houston, and North west's Steve Mitchell, who will go to K-State. Lee Hawks from Tulsa Memorial will continue his education at Kansas University while two Bartlesville prepsters, Rick Van Leeuwen and Mike Yount, have been signed by Rockhurst in Kansas City. They are both on scholarship. nkA A k I Football OKLAHOMA STATE (14) — Dick Coates, Ponca City halfback; Duke Atterberry, Pawhuska guard; Bill McComas, Guthrie guard; John Markert, Stroud tackle; John Allen, Velma-Alma end; Lester Cavins, Poteau quarterback; James Williams, Clinton fullback; John Carter, Northwest tackle-halfback; Mark Grimes, Northwest end; Anthony Gaeddert, Capitol Hill tackle; Jay Cruse, Lindsay tackle; Danny Reed, Mina) tackle—fullback; Rod Warner, Stillwater; David Gleason, Choctaw halfback. OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY (11) —Mike McLaughlin, Cherokee end-halfback; Larry Roach, Watonga quarterback; Bill Orendorff, Sallisaw fullback; Neil Acker, Okmuigee tackle; Gary Rhynes, Ma end; Raymond Hamilton, Douglass guard; Gerald Clopp, Midwest City halfback-linebacker; Mike Struck, Clinton end; Tom Speed, Lawton tackle; Leon Crosswhite, Hennessey; Steve Dodd, Lindsay halfback. NORTHEASTERN A&M (5) — Mike Spicer, Grove fullback; Dusty Martin, Checotah; Johnny Nelson, Skiatook end; Richard Carney, McAlester center; Bob Stinnett, Chelsea. KANSAS STATE (4) — Dwight Young, Norman tackle-center; Paul Hudson, Hominy fullback; Rodger Hilton, Beaver end; Jerry Beaty, Yukon. CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE (3) —Steve Williams, Collinsville quarterback; Walter Rhone, McAlester halfback; Ernie Harris, Tulsa Central tackle. SOUTHWESTERN STATE (3) —Hugh Vertrees, Sperry tackle; Torn McElhaney, Wewoka center; Mike Se-crest, Wewoka quarterback. CENTRAL STATE (2) — Jerry Johnson, Hobart fullback; Jackie Walker, Tuttle center. NEVADA UNIVERSITY (2) — Tom my Zackery, Tulsa Washington halfback; Donald Senter, Tulsa Washington center. SOUTHERN METHODIST (2) — Ray-ford Clark, Hugo halfback; Lee Wayne Wood, Ardmore quarterback. SOUTHWEST MISSOURI (1) — Michael Eddy, Tulsa Hale guard. KANSAS UNIVERSITY (1) — Tom Woods, Tulsa Hale fullback. MURRAY STATE (1) — Robert Walton, Dewey halfback. EAST CENTRAL (1) — Ted Jackson, Weleetka fullback. NORTHEASTERN STATE (1) — Larry Hall, Wagoner guard. EASTERN A&M (1) — Jimmie Pink, Hartshorne guard. PANHANDLE A&M (1) — John Pinion, Putnam City halfback. MCNEESE STATE 0) — Donnie Rinkle, US Grant fullback. NORTHWESTERN (Ind.) (1) — Rick Pasque, Tulsa Memorial center. PRATT JUNIOR COLLEGE (1) —Gordon Williams, Enid halfback. UNDECIDED (4) — Allen Totten, Chandler end; Mike Jennings, Ef Reno; Chuck Gates, Carl Albert (ward; Doug Tarrant, Jet. Basketball EAST CENTRAL (3)— Eldon Grif- fin, McLish; Shelby Morgan, Latta; Mark Stringfield, Strother. OKLAHOMA CITY UNIVERSITY (2) — Mike Polanskv, Putnam City; Norm Russell, Mountain View. CENTRAL STATE (2) — Donnie McMullen, Tulsa Central; Ronnie McMullen, Tulsa Central. BACONE (2) — Stan McLaughlin, Tulsa Hale; David Offord, Tulsa McLain, ROCKHURST COLLEGE (2) — Rick Van Leeuwen, Bartlesville Sooner; Mike Yount, Bartlesville College. PANHANDLE A&M (2) Dennis An- sley, Hooker; Rodney Guffv. Laverne. HOUSTON UNIVERSITY (1) — Clay Hester, US Grant. OKLAHOMA CHRISTIAN (1) — Allen Dukes, Caoitol Hill. OKLAHOMA STATE (1) Randy Mecklenburg, KingfisherSOUTHEASTERN S T A TN (1) Dempsey Patton, Ardmore. ST. GREGORY'S (1) — Marvin Rich, Douglass. LANGSTON (1) — Theodore Buford, Guthrie. TULSA UNIVERSITY (1) — Mike Cordes, Ringwood. KANSAS UNIVERSITY (1) — Lee Hawks, Tulsa Memorial. KANSAS STATE (1) — Steve Mitchell, Northwest. SOUTHWESTERN STATE (1) — Joe Pierce, Lawton. NORTHEASTERN STATE (1) — Nathan Vaughn, McAlester. a I ,ivy All-State Football Workouts Begin CONTINUED FROM rected by Lattimore, will spring from the Winged-T formation, while the South attack, bossed by Tunnell, will come from a multiple-T and the I-formations with pro sets, men in motion and flankers. Defensive coaches Wills and Huckaba will use basic 4-3 alignments with two rovers. In football parlance, the defense to be used by both teams is frequently called "27" or 5-4 alignments. The All-State basketball squads will report to North coaches Ross Smith of Alva and Doug Dugger of Tulsa Memorial and South mentors Don Metheny of Oklahoma City Grant and Horace Neaves of Ardmore Sunday in time for an afternoon practice session, the North at 1:30 p.m. and the South at 3 p.m. Two' practice football fields are available, so the two gridiron squads can Grill at the same time, but PAGE ONE the cagers will stagger their practice periods since only one court is available. The basketball game will be played August 6 in Oklahoma City's State Fair Arena, while the baseball game is booked for August 5 at All Sports Stadium in Oklahoma City. Starting time for all three North-South games will be 8 p.m. . The baseballers report here for drills August 3. J. C. Dunn of Ardmore will coach the South team, while Kenneth Sooter of Welch will direct the North Squad. For the first time in history, a network of radio stations will broadcast all three games. The Oklahoma News Network announced Saturday that 28 of 42 stations in its set-up would carry live the three contests. John Brooks will do the play-by-play. Rich, Overton Draw Top Honors Mid-State, Seniors Top All-City Cage Squad

Thurs., Mar. 20, 1969 25. By Henry Hawkins Two diseases have hit the 1969 edition of the All-City basketball team picked by The Oklahoma City Times. It's senioritis and Mid-Stateitis. Of the 15 spots on the team, 12 are taken up by seniors and 11 by performers who competed in the Mid-State. The only underclassmen are Moore's Dave Fisher who landed a first team spot, Ron Raunborg of Northwest, a junior, who gained the second team and Douglass' Stanley Bur din e, a sophomore, who was honored on the pending upon who your favorite ball player or team is. Lending plenty of fuel to that argument is 6-10 Steve Mitchell of Northwest, who fueled the Knights to the Mid-State conference crown this year after Douglass had won the loop three times, and a state championship last season. And then there's Clay Hostex of U. S. Grant, who school The margin separating Rich and Mitchell, for this years honors, were very slim. Most college coaches would do head-flips if ei- ther one decided on enrolling at his school. Mitchell, because of intimidating height and agility under the goal and Rich, known to score from anywhere on the court. Care 1-, finals' Mitchell's sophomore year, won the state Class AAA crown his junior term and this time Tul- sa Hale ousted the Knights in the first round of the state tourney. Douglass was thumped in the state finals of the Class AAA tourney w'' Rich was a lost -h.- first round of the state meet. Rich and Mitchell both were first team selections a year ago — Hoster was on the honorable mention list and Albert Chandler of Douglass made the third team for the second year. Capitol Hill was picked to finish seventh in the 10-team Mid-State, but Overton regrouped his forces behind returning starters Dukes and James Lackey, named to the second team and part-timer Anth- Gaedart and guide Redskins to th' the Mid-St1 tourrr Claudell Overton Marvin Rich Allen Dukes Coach of the Year Douglass Capitol Hill THE SUNDAY OKLAHOMAN Section B December 22, 1968 3 • LL SH EA ALL By Lynn Garnand James Williams of Clinton, upholding the Red Tornado tradition, is the 1.968 All-State football team's back of the year, while veratile John Carter of Northwest is tapped for lineman honors. Williams, the second straight Tornado to earn best back laurels, looked like a man among boys as he led Clinton to its second straight Class A state championship and third in four years. Carter, a 245-pounder Hornets' Lacy Coach of Year Knights' Carter Top Lineman who did everything except drive the Knights' bus, was an instrumental factor in Northwest's drive to a perfect season and the Mid-State championship. The extraordinary gridder played almost every position on both the offensive and defensive teams. Ed Lacy Tulsa Washington Coach of the year is Ed Lacy of Tulsa Washington, who guided his Hornets to their second straight Class AAA state championship when no one except himself, his assistant coaches and his team thought they could do it. Lacy took over the reins at Washington three years ago after serving several years there as assistant coach. His teams have a combined record of 28-2-1 with seasons of 7-1-1, 11-0 and 10-1. The Hornets' lone loss came this season in a 7-6 defeat by Wichita Falls Rider. Washington, scoring late in the fourth period, originally kicked the extra point in that game to tie the score but when Rider was penalized, the Hornets went for the victory and failed. Joining Lacy on the All-State team are two of his proteges — Thomas Zackery, who led the Hornets in rushing and scoring, and Don Senter, the anchor of Washington's offensive and defensive lines. Williams succeeds Clinton's Roy Bell as back of Into paydirt from every place an the field, including a 99-yard run against Elk City. Just as effective on defense from his linebacking position, Williams was a big reason why the Tornadoes allowed only 43 points in their 13 victories. Starting the season at offensive tackle, Carter was switched to halfback when one of his teammates was injured. During the course of the season, he played everywhere along the line and at the end of the cam- the year as he picked up where Bell left off. The 200-pound bruiser sparked Clinton to another perfect, 13-0 season to extend the Tornadoes' winning streak to 26 games. He r u shed for 2,098 yards this season and scored 172 points, crossing '68 All-State North Player, School Ht. Wt. E — Steve Fry, Blackwell 6-3 198 E — Roger Hilton, Beaver 6-3 200 E-HB — Mike McLaughlin, Cherokee 6 5 205 E — Allen Totten, Chandler , 6-3 185 T — Neil Acker, Okmulgee 6-2 210 T — Ernie Harris, Tulsa Central 6-1 245 T — John Markert, Stroud 6-2 230 T-FB — Ron Revard, Tulsa Kelley 6-2 210 T — Hugh Vertrees, Sperry 6-0 215 G — Duke Atterberry, Pawhuska 6-0 195 G — Mike Eddy, Tulsa Hale 6-0 215 G — Bill McComas, Guthrie -6-0 205 C — Don Senter, Tulsa Washington 5-E! 188 QB — Larry Roach, Watonga 5-11 170 QB-HB — Rod Warner, Stillwater 5-11 165 QB — Steve Williams, Collinsville 5-9 160 HB — Dick Coates, Ponca City 6-1 173 HB — David Gleason, Choctaw 6-1 185 HB — Robert Walton, Dewey 5-7 167 HB — Gordon Williams, Enid ... 5-10 170 HB — Thomas Zackery, Tulsa Washington 5-9 172 FB — Paul Hudson, Hominy 6-2 210 FB — Bill Orendorff, Sallisaw 6-1 210 FB — Mike Spicer, Grove 5-10 185 FB Tommy Woods, Tulsa Hale 5-10 185 South E—John Allen, Velma-Alma paign was seeing full-time duty at flanker back. Defensively, he was primarily a tackle but also saw duty at nose guard and linebacker. Carter was also a strong candidate for back of the year honors as he lcd the Knights in scoring and was virtually unstoppable when short yardage was needed. Unbelievably agile for his size, the lineman of year owns a fine pair of hands which he put to good use in pass receiving. With t h e exception of eight-man champion Jet, every state title-winning team is represented on the All-State team. Zackery and Senter are the Hornets' representatives while McAlester, the Class AA club, sports center Richard Carney and (Continued on Page 5, Column 1) Past Winners 6-4 James Williams, Clinton 2Mt, 215 190 195 245 220 205 205 220 210 180 190 215 190 195 1R0 182 185 200 165 155 200 190 180 190 lineman of the year. 6-2 6-3 6-1 6-0 64 6-3 6-4 6-1 6-1 5-10 6-0 6-0 6-3 6-1 5-11 6-3 5-11 5-9 6-0 6-0 6-2 5-8 6-0 E—Mark Grimes, Northwest E—Mike Struck, Clinton E—Gary Rhynes, Ada T-HB---John Carter, Northwest T—Jay Cruse, Lindsay T—Anthony Gaeddart, Capitol Hill T-FB—Danny Reed, Minco T-C—Dwight Young, Norman G—Raymond Hamilton, Douglass G—James Pink, Hartshorne C—Richard Carney, McAlester C—Tom McElheny, Wewoka C—John Walker, Tuttle OR—Lester Caving, Poteau QB—Stan Templeton, Weatherford QB—Lee Wayne Wood, Ardmore HB—Steve Dodd, Lindsay ... HB—Rayford Clark, Hugo HB-LB—Gerald Clopp, Midwest City HD—Walter Rhone, McAlester FB—Ted Jackson, Weleetka FB—Jerry Johnson, Hobart FB—Joe Shegog, Lawton FR—James Williams, Clinton Northwest's Mr. Do-Everything, is Coaches of the Year Year Winner School 1967—Jim Harris ,. Stillwater 1966—Frank Tillery 'Sand Springs 1965—Alvin Duke Enid 1964—Harvey Griffin.. Enid 1963—Bob Bodenhamer Lawton 1962—Tom McVay Beaver 1961—Earl Overton Cushing 1960—Jim Darnell Midwest City 1959—Craig McBroom Ada 1958—Melvin Skelton Cushing 1957—Elvan George .Ada 1956—Kenneth Kamm El Reno aco as. MM- 1954—Gene Boyette Pawnee 1953—Homer Simmons .. .. Seminole 1952—Elvan George .... . • •Ada Linemen of the Year Year Winner School 1967—Larry Newton Eufaula 1966—Danny Hardaway ... .Lawfon 1965—Ken Mendenhall Enid 1964—Randy Meacham Clinton 1963—Keith Lavender Lawton 1962—Jim Riley Enid 1961—Thurman Edwards Seminole 1960•Rod Cutsinger....... Elk CRY 1959—Larry Vermillion Chickasha 1958—Jim Mihlhauser .Lindsay 1957—Glen Cunningham Bristow 1956—Jerry Tillery El Reno 1955—Billy Jack Moore Ada Jerry Thompson Ada 1954—Ras McAdams Ada 1953—Benton Ladd Capitol Hill 1952—John Bell Enid Backs of the Year Year Winner School 1967—Roy Bell .. Clinton 1966—Dale Holt • • Enid 1965—Rick Baldrldge Lawton Steve Owens Miami 1964—SanToi DeBose .... Star-Spencer 1963—Jim Burger • ... Lindsay 1962—Ben Hart Douglass 1961—Mike Ringer Pauls Valley 1960—Pete Moseley Miami 1959—Mike Miller Northwest Jay Wilkinson • • Norman 1958—Bill Willis • • - Ada 1957—Danny Griffin • Frederick 1956—Ronnie Hartline Lawton 1955—Brewster Hobby .... Midwest City 1954—Olen Treadway ...... Muskogee 1953—Charles Joseph ....••.. Seminole 1952—Jay O'Neal Ada ... back of the year John Carter, Capsule Comments Concerning North's Standouts NEIL ACKER, Okmulgee — Three-year regular as defensive end and started last two seasons on offense at tackle . . . Has enough speed to be prime college prospect at guard . . . Made long snap on extra points and punts . . . Regular on basketball team and opened this cage season with 28-point binge . . . Coached by Charles Cruce. DUKE ATTERBERRY, Pawhuska — Extra-hard worker and a major factor 1,103 yards for a 5.5 average and scored 13 touchdowns and ran for 12 extra-point conversions for 90 points . . . Voted co-back of the year in Oklahoma Seven Conference were Wildcats. in the Huskies' success under first-year coach A. D. James. Never "outhorsed" at his offensive guard and defensive tackle positions in the tough 8-A district . .. Three-year starter and team captain . . . Averaged between 13 and 16 assisted and unassisted tackles per game. DICK COATES, Ponca City — Pleasant surprise to coach Bill Currens who was counting mostly on his excellent defensive abilities . . . But he rushed for 16 passes for 482 yards and seven touchdowns .. . Punted for 39-yard average . . . Made 155 unassisted and 75 assisted tack- les in 11 games . . . Three-year starter for coach Tom McVay. PAUL HUDSON, Hominy — Excellent runner, blocker and passer from fullback position . . . Called signals as linebacker on defense . . . Voted outstanding player In 14-B after leading Bucks to title and state finals . . . Averaged six unassisted and five assisted tackles this season and scored on 50-yard return of fumble recovery . . . Very strong, was state runner-up heavyweight in wrestling last year . . . Good student and coached by John Porterfield. practically all school records as he rushed for 1,568 yards on a 6.9 per carry average . . . Named the All-City back of the year . . . Scored 25 touchdowns and ran four two-point conversions . . . Added over 500 more yards on kickoff and punt returns . . . Three-year star ter for coach Bill Jensen. in that category . • • Coached by Lee Snider. STEVE FRY, Blackwell — Two-year two-way starter at end where he averaged six catches per game for 9.4 yards . . . On defense, averaged 10 tackles per game . . . Good blocker .. . Sub par golfer and earned medals in that sport in regional and conference competition .. . Honor roll student . . . Coached by Bill Owens. DAVID GLEASON, Choctaw Shattered ERNIE HARRIS, Tulsa Central — Outstanding offensive blocker . . . Quite agile and can run 100-yard dash in under 11 seconds MIKE EDDY, Tulsa Hale — Near unanimous choice for lineman of the year honors in Oklahoma Seven . . . Consistently opened holes at offensive guard position . . . Improved steadily on defense and ended leading Rangers ROGER HILTON, Beaver — Outstanding athlete that was used primarily at offensive and defensive end but did see action at fullback where he rushed for 233 yards .. Caught Thumbnail Sketches of Rebels Scored 106 points .. • Coach Woody Cooper says, "I wouldn't trade him for any player I've seen this year." JOHN MARKER T, Stroud — Two-way starter for three years on teams that never lost a district game enroute to three titles and 28-7-1 combined record . . . Called "the best football player I have ever coached, a real leader and clutch performer" by Bert Graham . . . Noted as vicious blocker, with excellent speed and quickness . . . Straight A student. BILL McCOMAS, Guthrie — Captain of team .. . Two-way starter who was on all kicking teams . . . Good speed and quickness . . . Tough defender who led club to 7-3 record this season and held Stillwater to minus five yards rushing and gave up only one touchdown apiece to high-scoring Edmond and Choctaw . . . Coached by Al Blevins. and throws shot put in track . . . Ranked third scholastically in his graduating class. RAYFORD CLARK, Hugo — One of the finest backs ever produced by the southeastern part of the state . . . Mr. Everything for coach L. D. Gains as he scored 26 touchdowns and rushed for 1,763 every position, both offensively and defensively . . . Led Knights in scoring with 66 points, rushed for 223 yards, passed for 92 and caught passes for 286 more . . . Primarily a tackle on defense although he saw action at nose guard and linebacker . . . All-City's lineman of the year . . . Coached by Dean Choate. JOHN ALLEN, Velma-Alma — One of the best defensive players in southwest area ... Played on teams that went to state semifinals twice and quarterfinals this season . . . Big and mobile for size, spent defensive time at end and linebacker .. . Great target at tight end on offense . . . Coached by Darvis Cole. LESTER CAVINS, Poteau — Accurate passer with better than 55 percent completion in high school career and capable runner with 7.2 per carry average .. Three-year starter for coach Sherman Floyd .. . Versatile athlete — is one of better basketballers in eastern part of the state, top-notch baseball player, runs low and high hurdles Gary Rhynes Ada Paul Hudson Hominy In Memoriam: All-State RICHARD CARNE Y, McAlester — Best lineman on club that swept to Class AA state championship . . . Famed for his slashing tackles from linebacking position . . . Great lateral movement and pursuit . . . Plays center on offense where he can always be depended upon for yards his senior year while leading Buffaloes to state playoffs . . . Gained 3,515 yards in three years . . . Also top linebacker . . . Returned two interceptions and one fumble recovery for touchdowns. GERALD CLOPP, Midwest City — Despite his size (165), one of the best linebackers in state .. . Only sophomore ever to start on defense for Midwest City under Jim Darnell . . . Used only sparingly on offense because, as Darnell says, "We just turned the defense over to him and let him go." JAY CRUSE, Lindsay — Tremendous block e r who could always be relied junior, Copeland would have been a prime candidate for All-State honors next season. He played offensive end and linebacker. The 1968 high school football season was a highly successful one, but it also had its moments of sorrow with the deaths of two truly outstanding athletes. cithatinne MIKE McLAUGHLIN, Cherokee — Two-year star ter at end before switching to halfback this season and leading Buddy Murrell's Chiefs to an unbeaten season . . . Rushed for 869 yards and scored 22 touchdowns and seven extra points . . . Called defensive signals at linebacker where he made five interceptions and averaged seven unassisted tackles In it; firc17 cpstson of Mall anhnnl THE OKLAHOMA JOURNAL, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1968 1: IAN CHITS D MINATE ALL METRO DEFENSE By AL ESCHBACH John Carter, a "Jack of all trades," Edmond's bulldozing fullback Jay Conley and Northwest coach Dean Choate lead a star-studded edition of the Oklahoma Journal's 1968 All-Metro football team. Northwest, which marched to a perfect 10-0 regular season record, heads the team with four members. Norman, Putnam City, John Marshall and Classen all placed two members on the squad. Carter, the lineman of the year, was by far the most versatile member of the team. The powerful 240-pounder started at eight different positions during the season. He was also the No. 2 quarterback on the team behind Paul Rosenberg. Carter could have made the team at numerous positions. but was placed at defensive tackle for his size, End—Jerry Beaty 205 End—Steve Pherigo 190 Tackle—John Carter 240 Tackle—Urbie Gordon 310 Middle Guard—Ray Hamilton 195 Linebacker—Marc Funk 180 Linebacker—Gerald Klopp 160 Linebacker—Conrad Draper 190 Halfback—Dave Prescott 155 Halfback—Steve Jarnigan 170 Safety—John Duren 165 speed and hard-hitting tactics. As a halfback and split end this year, Carter scored 54 points. "Carter could play all 22 positions on the field. If he played center he would be the best in the state," said Choate. "He is the most versatile player that I have ever coached.- Conley, the Journal's back of the year, was the heart of an Edmond offense which led the Bulldogs to a surprising 9-1-1 mark. The 5-10, 200-pounder averaged 124 yards rushing per game and scored 11 touchdowns. "I think Conley is an exceptionally strong runner with deceptive speed. Very rarely did one person bring him down. He usually had to be gang-tackled," praised Bulldog coach Fred Trenary. "We didn't use him for pass receiving, but he has exceptionally good hands. He School Sr Northwest Sr. John Marshall Sr. Capitol Hill Sr. El Reno Sr. Norman Sr Northeast Sr. U S. Grant Sr Northwest Jr. Classen Sr Casady Sr. Edmond Sr. Yukon Sr. Putnam City Sr Northwest Sr Classen Sr. Douglass Sr. Northwest Sr. Midwest City Sr. Norman Sr. Putnam City Sr. Southeast Sr. John Marshall John Duren is a hard worker and an excellent faker making people think he has the ball. He is just an exceptionally good boy—he's been that way for three years." Choate, named coach of the year, tutored the Knights to the Mid-State title, after a third-place finish last year. Northwest was ranked No. 1 at the beginning of the season and kept the ranking throughout. The most notable victory was a hard-fought win 10-7 over defending Mid-State champ, Midwest City, in the fifth game of the season. Joining Conley in the backfield are Rosenberg at quarterback, Jimmy Edwards of Classen at halfback and Danny O'Toole of Casady at the other halfback. Rosenberg kept the Knights rolling midway through the season when the running attack sputtered. The 5-11, 170-pound senior was equally adept at throwing long or short. He also was a good scrambler when he needed the extra yardage. Edwards, oniy a junior, will be heard from next season. The 175-pound speedster led the Comets to a District 2-AA South title and a 9-2 record. Possessing great moves to go along with the blazing s p e e d, Edwards scored 108 points in the 11 games. O'Toole stepped right into the shoes of graduated John Shelley at Casady. The 5-11, 175-pound senior was a stellar performer at both tailback a n d quarterback. O'Toole did the punting and extra point kicking for the Cyclones, and was also a fine pass receiver. At the offensive ends are Mark Grimes of Northwest and Bob Womble of John Marshall. Grimes, a rugged 215-pounder, was Rosenberg's favorite pass target. Once Grimes got his hands on the ball, he was hard to bring down. Womble, 6-1, 175, has real good speed with good hands. "He is the best split end in the state. He has the best At tackles are Anthony hands of any end around." said John Marshall coach Ray McDonald. Gaeddert of Capitol Hill and Mike Jennings of El Reno. Gaeddert was the lone bright spot for the winless Redskins this year with his bruising blocking. The 215-pounder has been a three-year starter. Earl Talley of Northeast and Ken Praytor of U.S. Grant are the guards. Pray-tor was a versatile performer for the Generals, also playing at nose guard and fullback. Quick-moving Dwight Young nailed down the center position. Young, who was also an outstanding defensive tackle, Anthony Gaeddert was the key of a powerful Norman offensive wall. The defensive unit features three • outstanding linebackers—Marc Funk of Northwest, Gerald Klopp of Midwest City and Conrad Draper of Norman. Barely missing the first team was Johnny Pinion of Putnam City. Funk, one of the ringleaders of Northwest's vicious defense, seemed to be all over the field. He has good lateral movement and speed. He excelled on the pass rush and also was a top-notch defender against the pass. Klopp, although only 160 pounds, has been a stalwart in coach Jim Darnell's defense for three seasons. "Klopp is one of the finest linebackers that I have coached. He was real aggressive and liked to hit." Draper also is in the same category as Funk and Clopp. He is a hard-hitter with good speed on pass coverage. At defensive ends are Steve Pherigo of Putnam City and Jerry Beaty of Yukon. At halfbacks are David Prescott of Putnam City and Steve Jarnigan of Southeast. At safety is John Duren of John Marshall. Rounding out the defensive unit is Urbie Gordon of Classen at tackle and Ray Hamilton of Douglass at middle guard. All-Metro Team OFFENSE Position, Player Wt. Class End—Mark Grimes 215 End—Bob Womble 175 Tackle—Anthony Gaeddert 215 Tackle—Mike Jennings 190 Center—Dwight Young 220 Guard—Earl Talley 195 Guard—Ken Praytor 200 Quarterback—Paul Rosenberg 170 Halfback—Jimmy Edwards 180 Halfback—Danny O'Toole 170 Fullback—Jay Conley 205 SECOND TEAM OFFENSE End—Albert Chandler 195 End—Dick Miller 185 Sr Douglass Sr. Classen Steve Pherigo . . . Putnam City defensive ace

Carter, Gleason Head All-City I riC UNL/Ar1VIVI/A JUL/MIN/AL, JUINLJr1 r , LIG1/4..LIYIL)CM 0, 1700 24 . ,„ .... . .... ...... . ..... . .. .... ....... .. .. .... ...... . ...... . .......... . ....... Carter Is Best Lineman; Frazier. Tops Coaches John Carter Marc Funk •••

First Team OFFEN SE Position, Player Wt. Class School End —Mark Grimes 215 Sr Northwest End—Gary Rhynes 190 Sr. Ada Tackle—Anthony Gaeddert 215 Sr. Capitol Hill Tackle—Tom Speed 216 Sr. Lawton Guard—Don Senter 190 Sr.. .T. Washington Guard—Neal Acker 210 Sr. Okmulgee Center—Dwight Young 220 Sr Norman Quarterback—Larry Roach 170 Sr. Watonga Halfoack—Rayford Clark . . . 201 Sr. Hugo Halfback—Tommy Woods . . .185 Sr Tulsa Hale Ful:back—James Williams . . 190 Sr Clinton DEFEN SE End —Eddie Rhone 195 Sr McAlester End—Mike Struck 195 Sr Clinton Tackle—John Carter 240 Sr. Northwest Tackle—Ray Hamilton . . . . 215 Sr Douglass Middle Guard—Ernie Harris . 245 Sr. Tulsa Central Linebacker—Gerald Clopp . . 160 Sr. Midwest City Linebacker—Marc Funk . . . 180 Sr Northwest Linebacker—Joe Dean Shegog 170 Sr. Lawton Halfback—John Pinion . . . . 180 Sr. Putnam City Halfback—Dick Coates . . . . 175 Sr. Ponca City Safety—John Silman 160 Sr Norman Second Team OFFEN SE End—Bob Womble 175 Sr John Marshall End—Albert Chandler . . 195 Sr. Douglass Tackle—Jay Cruse 195 Sr. Lindsay tackle—Mike Eddy 200 Sr Tulsa Hale Guard—Ron Ward 205 Sr. Ada Guard Earl Talley 195 Sr Northeast Center—Jack Kapella 180 Sr Midwest City Quarterback—Rod Warner . .175 Sr. . . Stillwater Halfback—Jimmy Edwards . 180 Jr. Classen Halfback—Tom Zackery. . . . 170 Sr T. Washington Fullback—Jay Conley 205 Sr. Edmond DEFEN SE End—Steve Pherigo 190 Sr. Putnam City End—Jerry Beaty 205 Sr .Yukon Tackle—Ron Revard 205 Sr. Tulsa Kelley Tackle—Ken Dwyer 246 Sr Lawton By AL ESCHBACH Coming from a heritage rich in talented backs, Clinton's bone-crushing fullback, James Williams, kept Red Tornado tradition of producing outstanding runners by being named Back of the Year to head the Oklahoma Journal's 1968 prep All-State football team. Sharing honors with Williams is Northwest's versatile John Carter, named Lineman of the Year. and Clinton coach Jim Fraizer, tabbed for Coach of the Year honors. Williams followed right in the footsteps of the legendary Bell brothers—Melvin, Carlos and Roy—to lead Clinton right into next week's Class A finals. The ram-rodding 190-pounder started exactly where Roy Bell left off last year. In 12 games this year, Williams has scored 164 points. He has rushed for 1,842 yards for a gaudy 7.8 average. His longest runs have been 99 yards against Elk City and 60 yards against Yukon. He has run back kickoffs for 95 yards against Woodward and 90 yards against Hobart. He recovered a fumble against Stillwater and returned it 70 yards for a score. Williams intercepted a pass against Woodward and returned it 92 yards for a touchdown. Carter is probably the most versatile player in the state. In a win over Enid this year, the 240-pounder played seven different positions. He started the season at halfback on offense when regular Steve Harris was shelved with a preseason injury. But when Harris returned to the lineup, Carter moved to split end. On defense, the hard-hitting senior is a bruising tackler who likes to hit. He possesses unusually good speed for his size and his excellent lateral movement. Frazier nosed out McAlester mentor Hook Eales and Northwest's Dean Choate for coaching honors. Joining Williams in the backfield is Larry Roach of Watonga at quarterback, Ray-ford Clark of Hugo at halfback and Tommy Woods of Tulsa Hale at the other half. The slick-passing Roach connected on 53 tosses in 109 attempts for 953 yards. The speedy Clark raced by opponents all year. The 5-11. 201-pounder carried the ball 258 times for 1,763 yards for a 6.8 average. He scored 26 touchdowns and six extra point runs for 162 points. He scored 49 career TDs for Hugo. He is a terrific of Midwest City represent the very formidable group. Shegog has been outstanding the past three years. A savage hitter, the Lawton ace possesses good speed and movement to go along with his hard-hitting. Clopp, a three-year starter for Midwest City coach Jim Darnell, is in the same class as Shegog. Although relative ly small, Clopp was extremely aggresive and has tremendous movement. Funk was one of the main reason's for Northwest's success this season. The 180-pounder bolstered the Knight defense with his hard-hitting. He was also very alert against passing attacks, and intercepted several tosses. At the other tackle posi- tion is Raymond Hamilton of Doublass. The 215-pounder is quick and excells on the pass rush. Winning berths on the star-studded team at ends are Eddie Rhone of McAlester and Mike Struck of Clinton. At middle guard is mammoth 2.6-pounder Ernie Harris of Tulsa Central. In the secondary are three versatile athletes—John Silman of Norman at safety and halfbacks John Pinion of Putnam City and Dick Coates of Ponca City. Silman was also an outstanding quarterback, while Pinion was one of the top roverbacks in the state. and Coates a top-flight offensive halfback. All Staters Are Highly Regarded GARY RHYNES, offensive end, Ada, coach Craig McBroom "Gary is the finest lineman that I have had in my 10 years coaching at Ada. He can do just about anything on a football field. He is also a tremendous defensive linebacker." TOM SPEED, offensive tackle, Lawton, coach Orval Bowman "Probably the most sought after lineman in the state of Oklahoma. OU, OSU, Texas Tech and Arkansas are very interested. Tom's speed and size and quickness make him one of the best bets to star in big-time college ball that we've had here since Jerry Dossey." JAMES WILLIAMS, fullback, Clinton, coach Jim Frazier "He has great speed to go along with some amazing power. He is a great team leader. Unlike Roy Bell, he doesn't try to outrace people, he just tries to knock them over. A fine pass receiver and blocker. Just about every college around is trying to get him. One of best backs I have coached." DWIGHT YOUNG, center, Norman, coach Gene Corotto "Played both ways. He is a very deserving person who puts out a great deal of effort. He is very dependable and consistant. Does a tremendous job blocking out.- NEIL ACKER, offensive guard, Okmulgee, coach Charles Cruce "Been a three-year regular. Good speed, excellent blocker--probably the best blocker I've seen here in seven years. Neil is the captain and a fine leader and we built our club around him. We ran to his side all year. Also starts on the basketball team." ANTHONY GAEDDERT, offensive tackle, Capitol Hill, coach C.B. Speegle "Gaeddart played in 31 games at Capitol Hill. He has real good movement. Goes both ways. He is strong and can hold a block. I think he is one of the best linemen in the state." MARK GRIMES, offensive end, Northwest, coach Dean Choate "Has real good hands. He can move once he gets the ball.. Is a tough blocker and runs his patterns well. He has improved a great deal this year. He is also an outstanding defensive player. Good college prospect." LARRY ROACH, quarterback, Watonga, coach Gerald Daugherty "Anything I would say would not do him justice. His greatest asset is his competiveness. A natural leader and an above average student. I feel Roach is a blue-chip college prospect both offensively and defensively (plays roverback on defense). Pulled a hamstring in the Beaver game in the first quarter and finished game on one leg. Plays basketball, baseball and track.- TOMMY WOODS, halfback, Tulsa Hale, coach Lee Snider "Tommy runs equally well inside and outside. A fine pass receiver who didn't drop one all year. catching all 14. Tommy is an above average student who has visited a dozen campuses, including Vanderbilt, OU, SMU, Kansas and Arkansas. Everyone is just fascinated with Woods' talent.- RAYFORD CLARK, halfback, Hugo, coach E.D. Bains "He is just a fantastic football player. He has outstanding speed and runs with great power. This was the first time in 21 years that we won the district title and we owe it all to him. A great college prospect. Everyone in this part of state feels he's the best back in the state. You just have to see him to believe him." JOHN PINION, halfback, Putnam City, coach Jerry Potter "A fine football player. I can't say enough about him. Has great pursuit and hits real hard. Knows what he is doing out there. Real consistant. A team leader who helped us immensely." JOHN SILMAN, safety, Norman, coach Gene Corotto "Was a two-year starter at safety for us. He also developed into a fine quarterback for us. Always knew where the ball was going. Just a top-notch defender and a tremendous asset to the team." JOHN CARTER, defensive tackle, Northwest, coach Dean Choate "He's the most versatile player that I have ever coached. He could play every position on the football field. If I could use him at center, he would be the best in the state at that position. He just loves to hit people. An outstanding pass receiver, runner, blocker and defensive player. Just outstanding. Numerous college offers." RAYMOND HAMILTON, defensive tackle, Douglass, coach Donald Burns "He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.7. He has tremendous pursuit. He has been rated the best middle guard in the Mid-State the past two years. He's a real hard-hitter." MIKE STRUCK, defensive end, Clinton, coach Jim Frazier "One of the best linemen that I have ever coached. He has great pursuit and always seems to be in the opponents backfield. There just doesn't seem to be any way to stop him from hitting the opposing backs. He is also an excellent pass receiver." JOE DEAN SHEGOG, linebacker, Lawton, coach Orval Bowman • "For his size, Joe Dean probably is one of the strongest kids in the state. In one game last year, he made 25 tackles. He has averaged between 15 and 20 tackles a game for us. Without a doubt, Joe Dean is the best linebacker in the history of Lawton High." MARC FUNK, linebacker, Northwest, coach Dean Choate "He just loves to hit people and knock them over. He has great pursuit and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. He just loves to play football and enjoys the contact. Notre Dame, among other colleges are interested in him." GERALD CLOPP, linebacker, Midwest City, coach Jim Darnell "Pound-for-pound he may be the best player that I have ever coached. He is everything that a coach could ask for. I just can't say enough about him. He could be the best lineman in the state." Anthony Gaeddert John Pinion Dwight Young John Silman