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by Sam Felton and Gabor Simonyi 	 10
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Selected by Scholastic Coach All-American Board Chairman, Bob Lapidus
LIAPPY hunting lies ahead for
n America's college and pro football
coaches. Their game preserve	the
high schools-	continue to produce
all sorts of wondrous live stock big, fast, hard-hitting linemen, sharpshooting quarterbacks,	mucilage-
fingered receivers, and fast, elusive running backs.
The past season produced "a million of 'em," and Scholastic Coach has winnowed the 100 best from 37 states and the District of Columbia. Top talent producers with eight selectees apiece were California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Two other traditional hotbeds of talent, Ohio and Illinois, furnished six prodigies each.
If history follows form (see the enclosed story, "Onward and Upward with the H.S. All-Americans"), the 1968 honor squad will produce more than half of the 1972 college All-Americans plus about a third of the players in the 1976 Super Bowl Game.
The heft of the 1968 All-American Squad is, naturally, packed in the line. Six of the linemen weigh in at 250 pounds or more. Squad behemoths are Dave Butz, a 6-6, 265-pound two-year all-stater froth Maine South, Ill., and 264-pound Robert Bell of Meridian, Miss., the first Negro to make Mississippi's famous Big Eight and the first of his race who'll play for Mississippi St.
The Squad lightweight at 167 pounds is a 6-1 quarterback with one of the most amazing sets of statistics in the history of football. His name: Joe Ferguson. His school: Wood-lawn High of Shreveport, La. Voted the best back in Louisiana foi- the past two years, the thin man triggered an aerial bombardment which accounted for 70% of his team's yardage.
In 1967 Ferguson passed for 2,577 yards and 35 touchdowns. In 1968 he passed for 3,293 yards and 40 touchdowns in leading his team to an unbeaten season and the state title. This gave him a two-year total of 6,870 yards and 75 TDs on 491 completions out of 981 throws!
QB: Halfback: Fullback: Flanker: Reserves:
JUST as the proof of
does the validity of an All-American H. S. team 1-*
	,, **	WOO° if deservedly. But look at the other
Fabulously! The team was star-crosse	0S1
the future achievements of the seler"-: .4r -***'' 1° * through the years: Starr-, Scholastic Coach's All-American birth in 1951. That first group rostered '7.. as Bart Starr, Earl Morrall, Joe Krup, Hardiman Cureton, Calvin Jones, Prest
pin-pointed such phenoms as Paul Hornu nett, Jimmy Brown, Tommy McDonald, genson, Len Dawson, Lamar Lundy, Abe and Alex Karras.
Look (below) at the kind of All-Star Pro
Joe Namath (Beaver Falls, Pa.) Gale Sayers (Omaha Central, Neb.) Matt Snell (Carle Place, N.Y.) 959 Lance Alworth (Brookhaven, Miss.) 1957 Billy Cannon, Don Perkins, Curtis Mc- Clinton, Jim Tyrer, Gary Ballman, Pete Case, Paul Warfield, Tucker Frederickson, Jack Snow, Johnny Roland, Mike Garrett, Harry Schuh, Jim Grabowski, Mo Moor-
S. End:	George Sauer, Jr. (Waco, Texas)
T. End:	John Mackey (Hempstead, N.Y.)
Tackles:	Bob Vogel (Massillon, Ohio)
Ralph Neely (Farmington, N.M.) Guards:	Jerry Kramer (Sandpoint, Idaho)
John Niland (Amityville, N.Y.) Center:	Mike Pyle (New Trier-Winnetka, Ill.)
a pudding lies in the eating, so 
* our lists. Joe Namath, class of
tear -ir*	wson, Roman Gabriel (1957),
NON010},140:::::S G11ccl es ** * p, lob Griese (1962).
ryle Lamonica (1957), Fran
:(0)v,:: 0	c	Gary wl-kes r-ican H. S. players into the
	t	(0,	ted to continue. No fewer
1964 group made the vari-
s:::;;;10t;G:\ 1(:°:ev I)‘	Nc t. .icev (° CG: C 1' (11: C‘aa: : 6. ao s seC 3:‘e C111Vi::!lege teams, namely: Terry
t	ris Gilbert, George Kunz,
oox)Asa.,	OFFENSE 
0, 0\olowee.,
Seymour, Ted Hendricks,
,n Johnson, Bill Enyart,
Nashington, and Rufus
Hugo, °11111A	°°6Lsa;amaalre-r1Lund l- rt
say.U(Richmond, Ind.) Larry Eisenhauer (Chaminade,
Mineola, N.Y.)	1956
Tackles:	Alex Karras (Emerson-Gary, Ind.)	1953
Merlin Olsen (Logan, Utah)	1957
LBs:	Tommy Nobis (Jeff.-San Antonio)	1961
Dick Butkus (Chicago Vocational, Ill.) 1960
Mike Curtis (Montg'y-Rockville, Md.) 1960
	Backs:	Herb Adderley (Philadelphia NE, Pa.) 1956
Bobby Boyd (Garland, Texas)	1955
Willie Brown (Long Beach Poly, Cal.) 1959
Willie Wood (Armstrong, D.C.)	1955
Reserves: Ray Nitschke, Erich Barnes, Myron Pottios, Iry Goode, Jim Dunaway, Kermit Alexander, Mel Renfro, Scott Appleton, Miller Farr, Rodger Bird, and Kent McCloughan.
1960 1959 1958 1960 1953 1961 1956
and Don Mcllhenny.
The second group (1952) proved eve
By way of comparison: Bart Starr made the 1951 All-American H. S. Squad on the strength of 69 completions out of 122 passes for 1,029 yards; Joe Namath caught our eye in 1960 by completing 85 of 124 passes for 1,511 yards and 12 TDs. (That 69% completion average told us something.)
Florida's answer to Ferguson was a rangy 6-2 quarterback from Gainesville named Eddie McAshan, who passed and ran for 32 TDs in steering his team to a 9-0-1 record. His passes were good for 2,240 yards, his rushes for 375 yards.
A little farther north, in Montgomery, A la., a 5-11 sharpshooter named Jeff Blitz foiled other kinds of blitzes with 68 hits out of 135 throws for 1,185 yards and 8 TDs, plus 86 rushes for 542 yards and five more TDs.
Rounding out the southeastern corps of All-American quarterbacks are Rick Pitalo of Biloxi, Miss., who hit for 99 of 196 passes, good for 1,658 yards and 25 TDs; and Robin Cary, a riflearmed 6-foot, 175-pounder from Greenwood, S. C.
Terrible news for Bear Bryant's future foes: Blitz, Pitalo, and Cary have already signed Alabama tenders!
The Golden Arm of the West had to belong to Jesse Freitas, Jr. of Serra-San Mateo, Calif. Coached by his father the past two seasons, Jesse hit for 263 of 472 passes, good for 3,802 yards and 45 TDs.
Bill Mannion of St. Mary's-Phoenix, Ariz., completed 60% of his tosses and tossed for 22 TDs. During his career, he won 24 of the 25 ,c4ames.he started.
Tom McNulty of Upper Arlington, Ohio, passed and ran the ball with equal facility. He connected on 83 of 152 aerials for 1,414 yards and 15TDs, and rushed for 830 yards and 10 more TDs.
Ross Moore of Dieruff-Allentown, Pa., also was a threat everytime he took the ball from center. He hit on 101 of 180 throws for 1,432 yards and 24 TDs, and rushed for 747 yards and 13 TDs.
Steve Cockreham of Lush, Wyo., fired for 28 TDs, giving him a career total of 52. Bob Tucker of Newark, Del., hit for 25 TDs, while Mike Wells of Normal Community, Ill., a 6-5 basketball star, passed for 1,796 yards and 16 TDs.
Texas delivered a pair of Houston prodigies to the quarterback corps—Lex James of Sam Houston High, and a 6-1 phenom from Booker T. Washington named Larry Foster, who fired for 2,787 yards and 32 TDs. He is, reportedly, now weighing 70 scholarship offers.
"Gentleman" Jim Henry of Cathedral —St. Cloud, Minn., led his team to 26 straight wins, climaxed by a season in which they outscored nine opponents 450 to 20! In the league championship game, Henry scored three TDs by running, tallied another on a pass, completed a 41-yard aerial on his lone passing attempt, intercepted two passes, and made num 
erous tackles from his safety position. And this was supposed to have been a "bad game" for the 195-pound bull!
John . . . oops, Jim Henry also won the state 165-pound wrestling title in 1967 and is a state championship sprinter, hurdler, and broad jumper. He has his pick of every college in America.
Jeff Peeples of Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville, Tenn., was voted the No. 1 college prospect by Southeastern Conference coaches. The 6-3, 200-pound blaster led MBA to 27 straight victories and a 33-0-1 record for three years. He rushed for 1,028 yards (7.2 average per carry), scored 135 points and played safety on defense.
Donald Ealey proved that the Ealey bird catches the worm, as the star on one of the two or three greatest high school teams in the land, John H. Reagan of Austin, Texas. A two-time all-stater, Ealey eeled his way through enemy lines for over 1,500 yards. Reagan High has run up 29 in a row, including back-to-back state crowns in the tough, tough Lone Star State. (In 1968 Reagan, which believes in law and order, coasted through 15 opponents, shutting out nine of them and yielding 57 points while tallying 394.)
The second of the three Texas backs to make the honor Squad, Ed Lee Renfro of Sonora, scored over 500 points and gained over 5,500 yards during his three-year career. He rushed for 1,392 yards as a soph, 1,468 yards as a junior, and 1,945 yards as a senior.
The third Texan, Joe Wylie of Henderson, gained over 5,500 yards during his career, accounting for 2,032 yards and 34 TDs in 1968.
Ricky Lake, a two-way stickout for Dalton, Ga., rushed for 794 yards and starred as an inside linebacker, averaging 14.8 tackles per game, intercepting five passes and recovering four fumbles.
Robert Honeycutt of Wade Hampton, Greenville, S. C., a muscular 210-pound fullback with 10-second speed, gained over 1,000 and scored 10 TDs; Honeycutt (s) the mustard, and is U. of Georgia bound.
Ed Clark of Appalachia, Va., scored 22 TDs as a junior and 27 as a senior, while gaining over 2,000 yards rushing each season. He also set a new state record by scoring 220 points. Appalachia is Leroy Keyes' country, and the Purdue coaches claim that Clarke is further advanced than Keyes was at this stage of his career. The Boilermakers naturally are hoping that Leroy furnishes the Keyes to Clarke's kingdom.
Joe Petroshus of Tucson, Ariz., averaged 9.2 yards per crack in picking up 1,391 yards and scoring 17 TDs.
Art Spence of Notre Dame-New Haven, became the all-time Connecticut scoring champ by tallying 368 points in his three-year career. In 1968 he tallied 18 TDs and 118 points.
Darryl Stingley of Marshall-Chicago, Ill., provided the biggest gale in the
Windy City, averaging 13.4 yards per carry in picking up 1,556 yards, 22 TDs, and 194 points in just nine games.
Alan Hennessey of Trinity-Louisville, Ky., steered his school to the state triple-A crown with a 9.8 rushing average, 22 TDs and 133 points (tops in the area). Against DeSales High, he carried six times for 199 yards and five TDs.
Dick Jauron of Swampscott, Mass., an honor student, led his school to 18 straight victories. He amassed 1,254 yards rushing, 21 TDs and 160 points in 1968. and wound up his three-year career with 3,515 yards and 360 points.
John Rodgers of Tech-Omaha, Neb., dashed for 1,482 yards and 20 TDs, giving him a career total of 38 TDs. And—it says here—he can pass with either hand!
Dennis Macholz of Bethpage, N. Y. is a 6-3, 212-pound mountain of aggressiveness who can do it all—blast the line, catch passes, and play defense. Though playing for a team that won only three games, he captured his area's MVP award. He can play any offensive or defensive position, and is being heavily wooed by some of the nation's top grid powers, including Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, and Florida State.
Mark Piscitelli of Mynderse Academy-Seneca Falls, N.Y., was a heavy-duty workhorse in the full 0. J. sense of the word. He carried the ball 51 times in one game and, all in all, hit the line 255 imes for 1,223 yards and 14 TDs; he also accounted for 11 PATs.
Steve Jones of Sanford, N. C., racked up 28 TDs and averaged nearly 45 yards punting.
Doug Root of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, was the Root of much evil for enemy lines. He carried the ball 232 times for 1,263 yards and reeled off TD dashes of 43, 50, 58, 67, 80, and 86 yards.
Jim Williams of Clinton, Okla., racked up 2,028 yards and 172 points in leading his team to 26 straight victories plus back-to-back state titles.
Dennis Booker of Kiski Area, Pa., a 6-2, 220-pound cement mixer who runs th 40 in 4.8, rolled up 1,169 yards on 126 carries (a 9.8 average) and tallied 25 TDs.
Dave Morris of Wayne, W. Va., showed everyone his good points during his three-year career: he scored 90 as a soph, 138 as a junior, and 152 as a senior —for a smashing 380-point total.
The Living Ends:
Charles Young of Edison-Fresno, Calif., caught 58 passes for 756 yards and six TDs, and also intercepted seven enemy aerials.
John Croyle of Gadsden, Ala., made expert use of his 6-6, 210-pound frame; he grabbed off eight TD passes, punted 40 times for a 43-yard average, blocked five points, and booted 16 of 17 extra points.
George McGinnis of Washington-Indianapolis, Ind., the tallest man on the

Squad at 6-7, was a pass-catcher de luxe, but had about 150 big-time college basketball coaches shuddering every time he was hit—McGinnis happens to be one of the five greatest high school basketball players in the land.
Tom Mullin of Jefferson-Cedar Rapids, Iowa, caught 36 passes for 560 yards and 10 TDs.
Andrew Robinson of East Waterloo, Iowa, divided his time between catching and intercepting passes. He caught 12 TD tosses and intercepted 11 enemy heaves.
Willie Osley of Denby-Detroit was Murder, Inc. both as a receiver—he caught 45 throws for 708 yards and eight TDs—and as a kick returner. Get this: he returned three punts 85, 63, and 52 yards for TDs, and two kick-offs 80 and 67 yards for TDs! Travis Williams, get thee to a nunnery.
John Skarzynski of South River, N. J., snatched 46 passes for 967 yards and nine TDs, and accounted for 31 extra points.
John Skorupan of Beaver, Pa., was a muscular Mad Stork. Though opponents consistently ran away from his end, he still averaged 10 tackles per game.
Ed Beverley of John Harris-Harrisburg, Pa., grabbed 51 passes for 685 yards and 14 TDs.
Interior Decorating:
Sam Cunningham of Santa Barbara, Calif., could be the most sought-after lineman in California; a two-year all-stater he is a back on offense and an LB on defense.
Dave Butz of Maine South, Ill., is really something special. At 6-6 and 265, he looks like a fugitive from the Rams' fearsome foursome. He's a two-year all-stater, top scorer on the basketball team, and holder of the state discus record (180-4).
Clayton Scheurer of Tech-St. Cloud, Minn., can play the whole line himself. As a junior the 260-pound behemoth took only seven minutes to win the state heavyweight wrestling crown. In that time he pinned five opponents, including a 54-second job on his final foe! Ernie Ladd couldn't do a thing with this lad.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*************** ***
ALABAMA—Wayne Carden (E), Wellborn; Vince Stafford (E), Huntsville; Gary Hutto (E), Courtland; Douglas Faust (T), Fairhope; Stave Lakey (T), Banks-Birmingham; John Hannah (G), Albertville; Marvin Barron (G), Troy; Dennis Campbell (C), Dora. Backs: Harry Unger, Fayette; Steve Wade, Dothan; Gene Hartman, Huntsville; James Owens, Fairfield; Tim Bush, Ashland; Dave Lyon, Hayneville, Jerry Kennemur, Hackleburg.
ARIZONA—Gary Walters (E), Phoenix Union; Richard Dodson (T), Tucson;
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JUNE 12, 13, 14, 15
For information write:
Steve Combs (T), Washington- Phoenix; Steve Breglia (LB), Brophy. Backs: Ed Gaicki, McClintock; Greg Boyd, Saguaro; Cleveland Colter, Marana.
A RKANSAS--Nick Avlos (E). Northside-Ft. Smith; Bill Palmer (E), Hall-Little Rock; Jim Brawner.. (E), Hot Springs; John Boozman (T), NorthsideFt. Smith; Roger Brand (T), Newport; Danny Garner (T), Hall-Little Rock; Cleveland Barfield (G), Hall-Little Rock; Ellis Bishop (G), Northside-Ft. Smith; Hal Dodson (G), Magnolia; Tony Cotton (LB) North-Little Rock. Backs: Billy Joe Releford, NorthsideFt. Smith; Kirby Clements, Springdale; Connell Williams, Malvern; Glenn Bannister, Northside-Ft. Smith; Mike New, Conway.
CALIFORNIA—Ends: Lynn Swann, Serra-San Mateo; Jack Lassner, Mira. Loma-Sacramento; Dan Simpson, Anaheim; Jon Keyworth, Chaffey; Pete Phillips, San Luis Obispo; Roger Jordan, San Marino; Steve Rork, Palisades-L.A.; Avery Clark, Morse-San Diego. Tackles: Pete Fraisse, Blair-Pasadena; John McLaughlin, Westchester; Greg Horton, Redlands; Charles Evans, Barstow; Tom Bohlinger, Santa Ynez; Mua Sua, San Fernando; Dan Schnell, Castro Valley. Guards: Willie Viney, Edison-Stockton; Toni Brolan, St. Francis-Mt. View; Jim Stone, California; Ray Jung, Gardena. C-LB: Randy Gaynor, Lowell-San Fran.; Greg McCants, Westchester; Mike Escalante, Notre Dame-Sherman Oaks; Bill Drake, South Hills; Rick DeLesk, Loara; Steve Klosterman, Laguna Beach; Jerry Lewis, Palm Springs; Ronnie Miller, Locke; John McCauley, Van Nuys; Rick Jones, Oakdale. Backs: Eric Cross, Alameda; Alonzo Emery, San Mateo; Barr Curry, Sequoia; Bill Schauer, El Camino-Sacramento; Calvin Jones, Balboa-San Fran.; Brent McClanahan, South-Bakersfield; Darryl Berg, Westminster; James McAlister, Blair-Pasadena; Isaac Curtis, Santa Ana; Rod McNeill, Baldwin Park; Clint McKinney, Hart; Dennis Sutton, Grossmont-La Mesa.
COLORADO—Scott Klune (E), Lakewood; Bruce Peoples (T), Lakewood; Mike Tracy (G), Lakewood; Dean Unruh (C), Lakewood; Rich Cahill (C), Trinidad. Backs: Mike Boryla, Regis-Denver; Jerry Williams, Lakewood; John Stearns, Jefferson-Denver; Ron Dotson, Trinidad.
CONNECTICUT—Ken Braun (E), Norwalk; David Neurath (G), New Britain; Chris Lynch (C), Stamford; Len Paglialunga (B), New Canaan; Ray Tellier (B), Notre Dame-New Haven; Darryll Dewan (B), Danbury.
DELAWARE—Gary Hayman (E), Newark; Steve Jackson (T), Wilmington; Rich Jefferson (G), Bridgeville; Chuck Dobroski (B), Salesianum-Wilmington; Pedro Swann (B), Newark; Mike Weber (B), Salesianum-Wilmington.
D. C.—Alvin Mason (G), Carroll; Norman Young (B), Coolidge; Al Jez (B), Carroll.
FLORIDA—Roger Peace (E), Coral Gables; Jeff Rouzie (E), Wolfson-Jacksonville; Gordon Ready (T), Seacrest-Delray Beach; Noah Jackson (T), Fletcher-Jacksonville Beach; Dennis Kinnard (G), King-Tampa. Backs: Billy Sexton, Leon-Tallahassee; Paul Orndoff, Brandon; Gerald Tinker, Coral Gables; Steve Dean, Boone-Orlando.
GEORGIA—Robert Harris (E), Carver-Atlanta; Doug Jarboe (E), Decatur; Mitch Sutton (T), Stone Mtn.; Walter Jones (T), Valdosta; Milton Bruce (T), Avondale; Doug Burnett (T), Forest Park; Dale Vezey (G), Gainesville; Wendell Bishop (C), Lanier-Macon. Backs: Isaac Jackson, Lanier-Macon; Alan Chadwick, Decatur; Larry Howell, Valdosta; Tim Macy, Sandy Springs; Ray Guy, Thompson; Buzz Rosenberg, North Side-Atlanta.
HAWAII	John Parker (LB),	Iolani-
Honolulu; Ron Autele (B), McKinley-Honolulu; Bernard Rembert (B), Radford-Oahu.
IDAHO	Al Dykman (E), Highland;
Greg Phillips (E), Borah-Boise; Mike Trujillo (B), Highland; Rick Jensen (B), Caldwell.
ILLINOIS—Alvin Keith (E), Evanston; Walt Smith (E), Decatur; Tom Coyle (T), Rice-Chicago; Chris Kirley (T), Peoria Central; Jim Anderson (T), Deerfield; Ken Braid (G), Hinsdale Central; Charles Jesse (C), Lane Tech-Chicago. Backs: Don Stanhouse, Du-Quoin; Bob Pankey, Carbondale; Curt Anders, Moline; Gary Windy, LaSalle-Peru; Carlos Matthews, Evanston; Jack Bastable, Wheeling; Nick Cashion, Glenbard West; Jack Spellman, Loyola-Wilmette; Ken Johnson, Rock Island; Tom Kee, Wheaton Central; Mike Navarro, Sandburg-Orland Park.
INDIANA—Rod Freeman (E), Anderson; Dan Schimmelpfenning (T), Memorial-Evansville; Jerry De Meyer (G), Washington-South Bend; Dick Graham (C), Marion. Backs: Sammy Stubbs, Richmond; Louie Day, Washington-Indianapolis; Ray Vinegar, Riley- South Bend; Bob Herrick, Elkhart; Dennis Gutowski, Andrean-Gary.
IOWA—Craig Glasgow (T), Sidney; Craig Darling (T), Washington-Cedar Rapid's; Charles Follett (G),
 Dowling-Des Moines. Backs: Kyle Skogman, Washington-Cedar Rapids; Jerry Moses, East Waterloo; Bob Torrence, Estherville.
KANSAS—Geary King (E), Lawrence; Don Perkins (T), Seaman-Topeka; Carl Searcy (T), Valley Center; Dan Gay (G), Topeka; Steve Hantla (G), Shawnee Mission North; Chris Chapin (B), Wellington; Richard Jones (B), Columbus; Ken Bennett (B), West-Wichita.
KENTUCKY—Ken King (E), FlagetLouisville; Tommy Clark (T), Catholic-Owensboro; Bobby Ware (G), Anderson Co. Backs: Rick Hoffman, Ft. Thomas Highlands; Joe Washington,
Lynch; Don Gullett, McKell; Carey Eaves, Seneca-Louisville; Jeff Perkins, Somerset.
LOUISIANA	Mark Hollingsworth (E),
Woodlawn-Shreveport; Jim McKeivier (T), Sulphur; Sam Gregorio (G), Jesuit-Shreveport; Tommy Gros (L B), White-Thibodaux. Backs: Jimmy LeDoux, Sulphur, Randy Poisso, Winnfield; Greg Neil, LaGrange-Lafayette; Lynn Hebert, Hahnville; Joe Kennedy, Lake Providence; Matthew Reid, Richland-West Monroe; Kurt Forshag, Jesuit-New Orleans.
MAINE	Tim Bear (T), Brunswick;
Dave Lane (B), Thornton; Barry Richardson (B), Little-Auburn; Wayne Chapman (B), Little-Auburn.
MARYLAND	Tom Montemayor (E),
Carroll-Bel Air; Mike Creany (T), Loyola-Baltimore; Ray Weathington (T), Montgomery-Rockville; Chuck Weitz (G), Montgomery-Rockville; Terry Jarnigan (C), Crossland. Backs: Steve Garrett, DeMatha-Hyattsville; Jim Daum, Allegany; Al Neville, Carroll-Bel Air; Jim Ward, Springbrook.
MASSACHUSETTS—Ron Kumiega (E), Chicopee; Charlie Lincicum (E), Peabody; Ed Pittsley (E), East Bridgewater; Jim Griffin (T), Boston College; Jim Taubert (T), Weymouth; Pete Mazareas (G), Lynn Classical. Backs: Paul Parisi, Everett; Gary Campbell, Wahconah Regional; Richie Roberts, Cathedral-Springfield; Ed Cole. Silver Lake; Joe Lutoff, Somerville.
MISSISSIPPI—Glenn Ellis (E), Biloxi; Don Enroth (T), Gulfport; Forest Darwin (T), Tupelo; Danny Shepherd (G), Columbus. Backs: Jim Ivy, Tupelo; Larry Kramer, Yazoo City; Fred Davis, Central-Jackson; Jim Porter, Laurel; Dwayne Franks, Biloxi; Ronnie Jones, Forest City; Charles Davis, Simmons-Hollandale.
MICHIGAN—Leon Roberts (E), Portage Northern; Leland Wegener (T), Bay City-Central; Tom Poplawski (T), Warren Mott; Bruce Carlson (C), Waterford. Backs: Brad Van Pelt, Owosso; Chuck Markey, Saginaw; Jim Thomas, Ferndale; Bill Stovall, Central-Kalamazoo; Gary Danielson, Divine Child-Dearborn; Jack Kline, Denby-Detroit.
MINNESOTA—Matt Herkenhoff (E), Melrose; Rick Poppitz (E), Chaska; Rolf Grudem (T), Jackson; Bruce Hanson (T), Roosevelt-Minneapolis; Joe Kotval (T), Pipestone; Steve Cook (G), Richfield. Backs: Jay Gustafson, Albert Lea; Dennis Kovash, Moorhead; Jim Steinmueller, White Bear Lake.
MISSOURI—Randy Weber (E), Raytown; Rocky Crouch (T), Glendale-Springfield; Brett Dingerson (G), Oak Park-K. C.; Jerry Ellis (G), Jefferson City; Scott Henderson (C), Oak Park-K. C. Backs: Dan Nerling, Wm. Chris-man; Mark Mueller, Cleveland-St. Louis; Bob Bruegging, Southwest-K. C.; Larry Britt, Jefferson City.
MONTANA	Andy Thomas (E), Bill-
ings Central; Glen Welch (E), Butte Public; Greg Salo (LB), Butte Public; Warren Kottke (B), Great Falls Russell; Don Hughes (B), Billings Central.
NEBRASKA—Bob Wolfe (E), South-Omaha; Andy Sibbernsen (T), Creighton Prep-Omaha; Terry Murtaugh (C), North-Omaha. Backs: Frosty Anderson, Scottsbluff; Mike Shea, Lincoln; Charles McWhorter, North-Omaha.
NEVADA—Paul Jacobsen (E), Carson City; Robbie Jorgenson (T), Lovelock; Steve Custer (T), Gorman; John Sherman (T), Reno; Martin Birch (G), White Pine, Mike O'Daye, Wooster.
NEW HAMPSHIRE	Steve Corbett (T),
St. Thomas; Chuck Smyrl (B), Memorial-Manchester; Steve Schubert (B), Central-Manchester.
NEW JERSEY	Mike Landi (E), Kear-
ny; John Kondrk (T), Woodbridge; Brian McConnell (T), Peddie; Bob Rickenback (T), Audubon; Dave King (G), Holy Cross-Riverside; Dimi Devich (C), Highland Park. Backs: Ron Fulop, Bridgewater-West; Drew Pearson, South River; Tom Wright, Sparta; Jim Baker, Orange; Bill Blann, Oak-crest.
NEW MEXICO—Mike Dittmar (T), Mayfield-Las Cruces; Jerry Camp (T), Lovington. Backs: Fred Henry, Alamogordo; Don Dungan, Artesia; Tommy Fields, Hobbs; Willie Hall, Clovis.
NEW YORK—Ends: Herb Moss, White Plains; Gary Hamm, Middleburgh; Walt Snickenberger, Ithaca; Jim Kinsley, Herrick; Gary Walsh, North Rockland-Haverstraw. Tackles: Bob Linder, Bronxville; Dan Cutillo, Amityville; Tom Tarazevits, Southampton. Guards: Dan Drake, Jamestown; Henry Ciccone, Burnt Hills; Jeff Yeates, O'Hara-Buffalo; Ed Newman, Syosset; Tom Lavinia, Smithtown. C-LB: Bob Corvino, Nyack; Chris King, Clinton-NYC. Backs: Ed Scozzafava, Lakeland; John Gargano, Lincoln-NYC; Don Jackson, Stuyvesant-NYC; Trevor Matthews, Boys-NYC; Tom Parr, Ithaca; Dave Bucci, Henninger-Syracuse; Fred Venson, Troy; Jim Dzierzanowski, Batavia; Doug Szigethy, Mineola.
NORTH CAROLINA—John Nixon (E), Wilmington; Festus Cameron (T), Durham; Jack Childress (G), Mt. Airy; Ken Taylor (C), Concord. Backs: Stan Crews, Reynolds-Winston-Salem; Mike Haggard, Shelby; Mike Matthews, Pisgah.
NORTH DAKOTA—Jim Schneider (B), Fargo North; Bob Perez (B), ShanleyFargo; Don Yellowbird (B), Minot; Don Weber (B), Minot.
OHIO—Ends: Mike Scannell, Toledo Central Catholic; Clint Spearman, Garfield-Hamilton; Jim Lash, Garfield-Akron. Tackles: Mal Stoudenmire, Kennedy-Cleveland; Fred Pisenelli, Western Reserve-Warren; John Brad-berry, McKinley-Canton. Guards:
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Chris Zaffer, Elyria; George Hasenohr, Garfield Hts.; Bob Santangelo, Niles; Tim Quinn, Alter-Dayton; Gary Patterson, Steubenville; Steve Rodgers, Sandusky. LB: Don Caldwell, South-Columbus. Backs: Jim Smith, Massillon; Postel Browning, Fostoria; Jesse Williams, Bellefontaine; Gary Zetts, Struthers; Bob Sims, Steubenville; Steve Williams, Sidney.
OREGON—Brad Bosco (E), Myrtle Point; Tracy Hill (E), Douglas-Portland; Ray Reeves (T), No. Salem; Joe McDonnell (G), Jesuit-Portland; Ray Hascall (C), Douglas-Portland. Backs: Walt Reynolds, Cleveland-Portland; Dan Christianson, Jesuit-Portland; Fred Girt, Marshfield; Jim Cave, Roseburg; Craig. Munion, Roseburg.
OKLAHOMA—Mark Grimes (E), Northwest-Okla. City; Gary Rhynes (E), Ada; Mike Struck (E), Clinton; Anthony Gaeddert (T), Capitol Hill-Okla. City; Don Senter (G), Washington-Tulsa; Neal Acker (G), Okmulgee; Dwight Young (C), Norman; Gerald Clopp (LB), Midwest City; Joe Dean Shegog (LB), Lawton. Backs: Larry Roach, Watonga; Rayford Clark, Hugo; Tommy Woods, Hale-Tulsa.
PENNSYLVANIA—Ends: Gary Hvrniak, Johnstown; Chuck Karazsia, Latrobe; Steve Bilko, Nanticoke Area; Jim Duff, Northeast-Phila. Tackles: John Sauk, Chester; Frank 1.)), kcs, Pennsbury; Chuck Chulada, Coughlin-Wilkes-Barre; John Lewchenko, Beaver Falls; Richard Tyree, McKeesport; Jeff Behm, Wilmington Area; John Bukovac. Trafford; George Jacoby, Mt. Lebanon; Dale Grimes, Hopewell. Guards: Derrick Jones, Monessen; Tom Wascura, Blakely; John MacConnell, Palmyra; John Sprenkle, West York. Centers: George Feher, Aliquippa; Tom Michael, Neshaminy; Paul Yakulis, Kiski Area. Backs: John Hogan, Monongahela Catholic; Pat Steenberge, Erie Cathedral; Joe Monago, Bradford; Bill Stephens, Abington; Turner Phillips, Susquehanna Twp.; Lou Belic, Steelton-Highspire; Bob Pilz, Easton; Bill Foley, Father JudgePhila.; Steve Joachim, Haverford.
RHODE ISLAND	Gary Hudson (B),
Coventry; Joe DeNitto (B), Hendrick-en; Steve Fraser (B), East-Cranston.
Johnson, Eau Claire; Howard Barfield, Hartsville; Bill Carpenter, Greenville; Johnny Porter, Winnsboro. Tackles: Doyle Varnadore, Great Falls; Frank Moore, Airport. Center: Cody Sossamon, Gaffney. Backs: James Ray, Eau
Claire; Leroy Thomas, Camden; Jay Davey, James Island-Charleston.
SOUTH DAKOTA—John Dutton (E), Rapid City; Tom Nelson (T), Washington-Sioux Falls; George Amundson (B), Aberdeen; Rick Newman (B), Redfield.
TENNESSEE—Ricky Molck (E), Whitehaven-Memphis; Marshall Mills (E),
Morristown; Archie Bennett (T), Mill-
inciton; Al Richmond (T), Melrose-
Nemphis; Bill Ferguson (G), Kings-
town; Tim
Thornhill (LB), Central- Chattanooga. Backs: Steve Stoots, smv	Catholico-wmne,mCpohoi sk; eRviollbe-;
 Gallatin; Joe La Bue, Catholic-Memphis; Raymond Chap- Washington-Memphis.
TEXAS—Ends: Tommy Jones, Crane; James Cain, Washington-Houston; Stuart Johnson, Tidehaven; Steve George, Plano; Mike Bayer, Reagan-Austin. Tackles; Walter Baisey, Moore-Waco; Daniel Vincik, Bellville; Bruce Gaw, Adams-Dallas; Henry Kotzur, Poth; Godwin Turk, Wheatley-Houston; Larry Dibbles, Pinkston-Dallas. Guards: Lee Lyles, Mission; Thomas Williams, San Angelo; Boice Best, Smiley-Houston; Gary Martin, St. Thomas-Houston. LB: Eddie Foster, Monohans; Grady Hoermann, Seguin; William Cunningham, Palo DuroAmarillo. Center: Robert Gerasimowicz, Dickinson; Frank Williams, So. Oak Cliff-Dallas. Backs: Steve Sanford, Lee-Houston; Brad Dusek, Temple; Marc McDaniel, Daingerfield; Willie Walker, Dunbar-Lufkin; Eugene Lewis, Refugio; Donnie Joe Morris, Palo Duro-Amarillo; Larry Thomas, Brazoport; Gary Keithley, Alvin; John Harvey, Anderson-Austin.
UTAH—Dave Wheeler (E), Roy; Bruce Davis (T), Layton; John Flint (B), Davis; Stan Call (B), Davis.
VERMONT	Brad Steele (E), Burling-
ton; Max McKenzie (LB), Rice-Burlington; Kevin Stone (B), Spaulding-Barre; Bill Guyette (B), Rice-Burlington; Pete Handy (B), St. Johnsbury.
VIRGINIA—Jesse Dark (E), Walker-Richmond; Steve Lester (E), Washington-Danville; Joel Bradshaw (T), Hermitage; Ed Pratt (G), Washington-Danville; Ron Rusnak (G), Prince George; John Blount (G), Hampton; Steve Willis (LB), Annandale; Barry Smith (LB), Freeman-Richmond; Josh Holloway (L B), Carver-Chesapeake. Backs: Larry Hartman, Mt. Vernon; Reggie Harrison, Wash. & Lee-Arlington; Marshall Tucker, Armstrong-Richmond; Nick Vidnovic, Stuart-Falls Church; Joe Giles, Washington-Danville.
WASHINGTON—Terry Crepeau (E), Ft. Vancouver; Marc Rhea (E), Se-home; Randy Coleman (E), Kent-Meridian; Don Harris (E), Roosevelt-Seattle; Rod Stanley (T), Federal Way; Al Kelso (T), Sealth-Seattle; Gordon Guinn (G), Renton; Bob Sanchez (G), Olympia; Kent Buckles (C), Seattle Prep. Backs: Larry Worley, Wenatchee; Willie Williams, Sealth-Seattle; Mike Sloan, Renton; Mark Wheeler, Seattle Prep; Bucky Bruns, Prosser; Mike Lobberegt, Wilson-Tacoma.
WEST VIRGINIA—Nick Colobro (E), Beaver-Bluefield; Tom Battista (E), Weirton; Clifford Harris (T), Charleston; David Easter (T), Milton; Bill Russell (G), St. Alban's-Charleston;
SINCE 1931
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Mike Blake (G), Huntington East; Ron Brown (C), Man; Danny Dotson (C), Beaver-Bluefield. Backs: Dave Murray, Big Creek; Terry Landis, Ripley; Danny Nawara, DuPont-Charleston; Jim Allen, Barboursville.
WISCONSIN—Tom Sobczak (E), Hale-West Allis; Tom Schmidt (E), Central-LaCrosse; Bob Storck (E), East Madison; Mark Fraundorf (T), Hartford; Randy Ammerman (T), Two Rivers; Dennis Maloney (T), Premontre-Green Bay; Randy Barrett (C), Brookfield Center; Dick Vorphahl (LB), Memorial-Eau Claire. Backs: Jim Bond, Fond du Lac; Kent Burdick, Parker-Janesville; Gene Sowieja, Greenwood; Curt Spychalla, Schofield; John Stephany, Fond du Lac.
WYOMING	Charles Houston (E),
Powell; Kent Krauser (T), Central-Cheyenne; Scott Freeman (B), Laramie; Larry Garcia (B), Laramie.
THE NEA Research Division has made a study of the supplemental payments for coaching in 523 school systems with enrollments of 6,000 or more. The study (covering 1967-68) revealed that football pay ranked first, ranging from $150 to $4,000, with a mean of $972. Basketball ranked second, ranging from $200 to $2,916, with a mean of $858.
Following are the maximum annual supplements for all activities reported in the 523 school systems (NSR stands for number of schOol systems reporting and MMS for mean maximum supplement):
A.D. or	NSR	MMS	Low	High
Faculty Mgr.	196	$ 896	$100	$2,808
Head Coach	93	1,009	150	3,200
Football	430	972	150	4,000
Basketball	441	858	200	2,916
Baseball	401	593	150	2,028
Track	415	617	100	2,100
X-Country	326	366	75	1,135
Swimming	246	527	108	1,809
Wrestling	339	576	150	1,290
Tennis	370	359	50	1,120
Golf	348	322	50	1,000
Gymnastics	140	476	100	1,040
Rifle	44	374	100	760
Soccer	83	505	75	1,150
Hockey	61	622	25	1,664
Bowling	42	285	75	600
Softball	31	275	50	990
Volleyball	32	234	25	600
Water Polo	25	367	200	669
Intra. Spts.	187	439	20	1,800
Equip. Mgr.	60	541	100	1,624
Cheerleaders	146	268	25	958
Drill Team	18	263	50	900
Trainer	54	620	100	1,700
Just for the record: among nonathletic activities, the highest average maximum supplement was $614 for directing the school band, and the lowest was $180 for supervising the production of the school magazine.