Fort Worth Arts Festival
2000 April 15-16  by Amtrak

Boarded the Amtrak Heartland Flyer Saturday morning, 2 level cars with a snack bar. We brought our own snacks. Arrived in Fort Worth Around noon.  Stayed at the Radisson Hotel on Main Street where the Fort Worth Arts Festival has been held in the past but moved due to the tornado in March. We saw glass still falling from the high rise buildings. We took a cab to the  Cultural District where the Arts Festival was moved. Watched the Fabulous Thunderbirds and  Sourdough Slim entertainment. Went to Sundance Square Tandy Center's ice skating rink and subway. Sunday morning rode the trolley to the Stockyards Watched a Long Horn cattle drive, and I road a Long Horn. Went to Billy Bob's and back to Sundance Square and ate at Billy Miner's Saloon. Went to the Water Gardens. Fort Worth also known as Cowtown is where the West began, and the beginning of the  Chisholm Trail. Boarded the train  Sunday evening about 5:30 traveled over the Red River and the Arbuckle Mountains and watch the sunset. Arrived into OKC at 10:00 pm.

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