Oklahoma FreeWheel

June 2006

   My son, Chris, and I cycled across Oklahoma from Texas to Kansas – 7 days – 428 miles – avg. speed 12 MPH – top down hill speed 48 MPH - mainly on the back roads through small towns.

We learned:

  That you can coast up hill if you first come off a bigger hill.

  There are asphalt, chip and seal, and pave and grind road surfaces.

  Armadillos by the road side are usually holding a beer bottle and maybe wearing  a small sombrero.

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  Pocket PC Phone - Camera - Helmet Cam - Memory

  I'm able to take pictures and videos and move the memory chip to my Pocket PC for editing and emailing.

  A 2G Mini Secure Digital Memory Cards can store:

= 2 hours of video 640 x 480 15fps

= 2 billion bytes (letters or numbers)

= 16 billion bits (ones and zeros)

= 10,000 Photos

= 50 years typing 60 WPM 8hr per day