April 3rd – 5th 2006

Future of Aging Services Conference


At the Omni Shoreham Hotel Washington DC


The program events I attended were the future for sensor technologies, EHR (Electronic Health Records), and how some pilot programs are working. I visited our representatives on The Hill to advocate our issues.


There were two pilot programs I thought were the most interesting:

1. Elite-Care allows family members to monitor the resident’s health information, activities and assessments. Watch the Video.

2. Erickson Retirement Communities EHR/PHR (Personal Health Records) allows residents and their delegates to have a web view of their health records immediately. However, lab reports still take a day. Residents are anxious to know the reports.


Sensors in the home or rooms were a big topic. Providers are trying to find the right mix called a suite of sensors:

Fall detection sensors

Bed sensors that monitor motion, breathing and pulse

Floor and gate sensors

Bio surveillance


All wireless download to the web


Joined the Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST), it is leading the national charge to develop and deploy technologies that can improve the aging experience in America.

Watch the Video  Imagine - the Future of Aging


Visited Congressman Tom Cole office with Mary Brinkley from OKAHSA, and talked to Brad Watson, Senior Legislative Assistant. My talking point was:

1. We need National Commission to accelerate the research and development of technologies

2. Private, portable, personal health records to be available to every senior


Visited Senator Tom Coburn and gave my talking point issues to Dan Hourigan, Staff Assistant.




Other Vendors



Lifeline-Senior Living

Call system 

HomeFree, Inc.

Call system wireless

Vigil Health Solutions Inc.

Nurse call system

CareTouch Communications, Inc.

Phone status report to family

Virtual Interactive Families

web cam connect families

Adherence Technologies Corporation

Wireless Headset resident information

Touchtown, Inc.

TV Channel Plus Web



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