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Feburary 2009







February 2008


It was an honor for me to share an ADDY award (advertising award) with my dear friend Dr. Hall Duncan, Ph.D.

We produced a children’s book “ The Wild Adventure of Oklahoma Joe’s 10-Gallon Hat” and it was awarded a Silver Merit by the Oklahoma City Advertising Club at the 42nd Annual Awards Gala. Dr. Duncan is the talented author and illustrator. The book celebrates the OK Centennial with lots of historical information and facts about Oklahoma and our Native Americans , along with a fun and creative story for children and adults to enjoy.  I provided the digital production (compiling his art into digital scans and producing the content into digital format for printing).

Tony and I got spruced up and attended the awards gala and enjoyed a night of fun at the beautiful Cowboy Hall! It was so nice to share this with my mentor and dear friend, Hall and his wife Lois, and to see friends and colleagues at the gala! The theme was the Retrospective and Career of “Mr. Addy A. Award”. The gala included a silent art auction for student scholarships, as you will see in the link.

A big thank you to “Dr. D” and his wife Lois for the night of fun!

More links about Dr. Duncan:

The OK History Center and Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center has the book for sale!

PS. Dr. Duncan was my professor at University of Central Oklahoma, in the 1980s. We traveled to Seoul, South Korea together, along with my mother-in-law Leona, as guests of the Friendship Force organization. I created marketing materials for the organization as a project in Dr. Duncan’s Marketing and Design course, and then we were awarded the trip to Korea. It was a thrilling, educational and at times adventurous trip! Some of you may know the story of how “I lost my pants while visiting our US Military base, Camp Kitty Hawk, while overlooking “Propaganda Village” in North Korea at the south side of the demarcation line between North and South Korea”. If you don’t  let me know, it is truly a “Margee” story! LOL






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